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Baby Jogger City Select stroller - Silver Frame (2014/2015) - ON SALE NOW!

Price: $499.99 (+ $5.99 ship fee)
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Product Description


Wheel SuspensionInfant seat compatibleReclining seatReversing SeatAdjustable handlebar
City Select colors

  • Start as a single, add a second seat for next child

  • Or, simply the best choice for newborn twins!

  • Fits through all doorways, not as long as other tandem strollers

  • Quickly add or remove second seat

  • Can carry two infant seats

  • Easy fold

  • Huge storage basket

  • Baby Jogger's Patented Quick-Fold technology

  • Multi-position reclining stroller seat

  • Telescoping adjustable handlebar accommodates short to tall parents

  • Huge underseat storage basket

  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and padded buckle cover

  • Front wheel suspension

  • 8" lightweight front quick-release wheels with sealed ball bearings for easy rolling

  • 12" forever-air rear tires feel like air-filled rubber tires, but never go flat, offering superior ride without any inconvenience

  • Rear parking brake is hand controlled - no scuffed shoes

  • Each seat includes an accessory mounting bracket for optional City Select accessories

  • 90 lb. maximum weight capacity with two seats

The 2014/2015 City Select stroller is one of the most popular strollers for growing families, and one of our best-selling strollers of all time. The popularity is because the City Select is a versatile, functional stroller that allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets, and infant seats.

All the different possibilities means the 2014/2015 City Select stroller is a great match for newborn twins, as well as an older sibling with a new baby.

Other than new colors in 2014, Baby Jogger made only one change from 2013 vs. 2014 City Select model: the only difference in 2014 was an easier, more convenient harness system without sacrificing safety. There are no changes to the 2015 model, so it is designated as a 2014/2015 model and may have been manufactured in either year.

Setting itself apart from most other double strollers, the City Select lets you reverse both seats so both babies can face you. Many parents believe the reversing seat is such an important feature on a single stroller, so it's just as important a feature for a double stroller to encourage that early bonding!

City Select Different ConfigurationsUse with one or two children
For any combination of two children, you need the Second Seat Kit, which includes front position brackets. Confused over all the different pieces on the City Select? Here's help configuring the City Select


The Fold

      Baby Jogger has its famous Quick-Fold technology. The City Select easily folds in a single step. With two seats attached, it's also possible to fold it though with a larger folded size.

Single-to-double versatility

      This stroller is designed around versatility. You can use one or two seats, one or two infant car seats, one or two bassinets ? and any combination of all three! Plus, with a click on/off mount, you can change it around or remove a piece for an easy single stroller again.

Reclining the seats

      On the City Select by Baby Jogger, the seats have a very deep recline. The amount of recline depends upon how the two seats are set up on the stroller. As a single, the seat can fully recline in forward and reverse positions. For two seats, when both seats face forward, there is a very limited recline range. And when the seats face each other or both face reverse, they can recline deeply. The City Select is one of the only tandem (front / back seating) strollers with the option to fully recline both seats -- an important feature when you have two young babies!

Height-adjusting sun Canopy

    The seat on this stroller has a large sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window. The canopy can mount in two positions on the seat frame: one gives 21 inches of headroom, and the other increases maximum headroom to 24 inches.
  • Stroller frame and wheels
  • One seat with sun canopy
  • Underseat storage basket


Type Of Stroller: Single seat with optional components
Maximum Carrying Load: 45 lbs per seat (up to 90 pounds)
Newborn Suitable: Yes, with optional bassinet or infant seat adapter
Infant Seat Adapter: Optional
Frame Material: Aluminum
Stroller Weight: Approx 28 lbs with one seat
Open Length 43" (single seat)
53" (two seats)
Open Width: 25.75"
Open Height (to top of handle): 41.5"
Tire: 8" EVA front tire, 12" rubber rear tire
Reclining: Multi-position
Folded Size: 28" x 25" x 13"
Brakes: Rear parking brake via hand lever
Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 1 year other parts

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  • Great stroller but has several limitations

    Posted by Mrs. Castaneda on 17th Apr 2015

    I bought the City Select after my second baby was born. The City Versa which I had for my first son does not convert to a double and we needed one as I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. Both my kids are very tall (2 y/o is 38" and 2 month old is 25") I have the City Select double chairs but while my youngest in an infant, we are using the deluxe pram/bassinet. The good things first: 1) The stroller can be a single or double, 2) it comes with a pram/bassinet which is gorgeous and comfy, 3) when using chairs for both kids, they can ride forward or rear facing comfortably, 4) nice handle extension, 5) great wheels which make for a comfy ride, 6) easy to navigate through tight corridors in stores, etc. DRAWBACKS: 1) the chairs don't fold over to put away the way they did on the City Versa (I can NOT believe they got rid of this feature...for storing at home, in trunk or when traveling it makes it super inconvenient), 2) The folding mechanism gets stuck easily, but it just takes unlocking one at a time to fix it so it's not too big a deal, 3) THE ONLY comfortable way that two kids can ride in this are the following: both kids facing forward or backward in chairs OR the kid at the bottom facing backward and the kid on top in the bassinet. No other configurations work in which the kids can recline...when they face each other...their feet hit each other...that doesn't work. 4) The only way that my tall children fit is when you put the sunshade in the tall setting...this is what makes it IMPOSSIBLE rather than just uncomfortable to configure the stroller in all the other configurations which Baby Jogger shows in the videos...I think they should be more honest about this!
    Overall: The stroller is very good...for the weight, it is sturdy and my kids can, in those two configurations, ride quite comfortably when we go out. I love that I can use some of the accessories I had before (Baby Jogger makes most of their accessories universal) and even though it is NOT identified as such, my Versa seat DOES fit on the City Select so I can at least have 1 chair that folds nicely when stored. I would recommend to parents as a purchase but if I had to do it all over again, I would look further into other stroller (tandem) which more easily would accommodate my tall babies.

  • Fast!

    Posted by Aly on 16th Jan 2015

    Great product and they shipped so fast!

  • By far my favorite stroller!!!!!

    Posted by Jenifer on 16th Jan 2015

    I am a mother of 2 with 1 on the way. I wish I would have bought this stroller a long time ago. It takes up less room in my car then my other strollers did as a single stroller. Haven gotten to test out the second seat for my own kids but I have two friends that also have the stroller and have pushed theirs with multiple seats. I must say it is so much easier then any double stroller I have ever pushed.

  • Love!

    Posted by TG on 16th Jan 2015

    I absolutely love this stroller. My daughter and son are 16 months apart and we needed a double stroller. I did a lot of research and came across this one. I couldn't be happier with our purchase. It's amazing as both a single and double. It's extremely easy to set up and maneuver. I use it as a double daily and there are very few places we can't fit. We have a Britax infant seat and the 2012 carseat adapter fits perfectly.
    My only complaints are how expensive all the accessories and additional seats are and the fact that both my husband and I pinched our fingers badly folding up the stroller.

  • I love my city select

    Posted by Arianna Baby on 16th Jan 2015

    Great product, very comfortable, light and practical.

  • Baby Jogger City Select

    Posted by niagara jogger on 16th Jan 2015

    very easy to open and close. carseat adapter is a great option. glider board is awkward.

  • Amazing stroller

    Posted by Manj on 16th Jan 2015

    Amazing stroller. Easy to set up and steer. Love all the different seat options. Great stroller highly recommended for parents of 1 or 2. Grows with the family. Very sturdy stroller.

  • Baby Jogger City Select Quartz

    Posted by Bernie on 16th Jan 2015

    We wanted to get a double stroller that had the option of face-to-face. This was the only stroller on the market that has this option. Our first stroller was a city mini so we are happy with Baby Jogger products.

  • Awesome Stroller!!!

    Posted by KC on 16th Jan 2015

    We ordered this stroller for our toddler and newborn to serve as a double stroller for now, and convert into a single stroller when our toddler decides she wants to walk on her own. We love it! The ride is very smooth, I can easily steer it with one hand with both babies seated, and the flexibilty of the seating arrangements is amazing. We are currently using the stroller with the included seat for our toddler and the carseat adapter for our infant. It is very easy to remove the seat for either child who may not be with us at any given time. Our toddler is quite comfortable when in the stroller.

    The stroller is easy to set up for use. However, it is bulky (although, I don't find it heavy). Because it takes a little more time and effort to set up, we have been known to use a separate umbrella stroller or carseat frame stroller when we are in a hurry and only have one child for a quick errand. It definitely out- performs any other strollers we already have, and we wouldn't exchange it for any other brand, but sometimes the extra effort it takes to get it ready doesn't seem worth it for short trips.

    We have an SUV and it takes up most of our storage space. We have also used it while in a much smaller car, and were able to cram it into the trunk when we broke it down and removed the seat, placing the seat on the back floor- board of the car's backseat. While this took a few extra seconds, it makes it possible for people who need a double stroller to possibly fit one in their smaller car where most others strollers are not feasible.

    Overall, this stroller is amazing and the bulkiness does not out- weigh the positive features. I don't think you can find a double stroller without such issues, so in our situation, it is just the nature of the game!

  • By far the best stroller ever purchased

    Posted by Grandma Judy on 16th Jan 2015

    Grandmother Uses to walk grandchildren
    Mother uses it for EVERYTHING shopping
    Daddy uses it for EVERYTHING required to shop
    The maneuverability is easy to steer.
    So easy to fold for automobile storage
    I purchased this for my grandchildren (1 mo & 16 mo)
    and it is the best stroller ever!!

  • LOVE!!!

    Posted by jenniferg13 on 16th Jan 2015

    I have a 16 month old and a baby on the way, I wasn't in love with my first stroller, so we purchased the city select so I can use it now and with both children in September. I love that it has so many options as my children grow. I can use one seat or two and when my toddler gets a little bigger and doesn't want to ride, we plan to buy the glider board for him to stand on. This stroller does not tip over like others when you put your diaper bag on it or hang clothes at the store. My toddler loves riding in it, which was not the case with our first stroller. The storage space is huge! The only negative I have is that we bought the parent console that attaches, which worked great until I raised the canopy up so my son had more room. Now I can't fit a drink in the cup holder. I need to find a cup holder that clips on to the side out of the way. It is a little heavy lifting it in the car, but I don't see that as a huge issue since it's so great!! I wish I would have purchased this stroller when my first was born!

  • Love it!!

    Posted by Mommy of 5 :) on 16th Jan 2015

    Love this stroller! We have a 5 month old and are adopting a 20 month old. This is the best purchase we could have made! They love it just as much as I do! All of the seating options are a blessing! They can face each other to play and laugh and then I can turn them for nap time! Peppy Parents has great customer service! I had a couple of questions before I ordered and they answered them quickly and got my stroller shipped out to me that day! It was on my doorstep within a couple of days!

  • Great Stroller!

    Posted by happy mommy on 16th Jan 2015

    I love this stroller. We are on #3 and will be going for #4 so it is so great that I can convert this into a double without having to just scrap it and buy a whole other stroller. I love the bassinet attachment. My only negative is how heavy it is and how it folds with the bassinet. You have to detach the bassinet or second seat to fold it.

  • Fantastic even across boundaries!!

    Posted by forsap on 16th Jan 2015

    That is the best choise that my wife and I have among many other options around the world. We live so far from Unites States and we made so many searches before decide to buy this product, for our twins. It is pretty easy to setup and it is very sturdy because it endured the long trip back home (I went to US only to pick it up!).
    One attention point is the explanation to the customers while they are buying, due to the fact that I did not buy the two car seats because I understood that the car seats adapters becomes with the car seats, but I was wrong. This issue was clear by support center with the appropriate disclaimer to use on it.

  • Love this stroller!!!

    Posted by MommyOf5AZ on 16th Jan 2015

    I absolutely love this stroller. I have 5 kids and currently use this for my 9 month old and 2 year old. I have owned it for 10 months now and love it more each time I use it. The part I love the most is that I can use it as a single or double depending on which children I have with me. I don't have to take a different stroller if I only have 1 child or a double if I have both. My next favorite part is the huge basket. I used to have a Bugaboo and could not even fit my purse in that basket. Now I can fit my purse, shopping bags, snacks etc. It even unzips to make more room. Yes, the stroller is a little bulkier but what do people expect with a double stroller? I find it very easy to fold/ set-up. I have the diamond color ( don't think they offer it anymore) and it is beautiful!

  • I Love this Stroller

    Posted by Jillyan on 16th Jan 2015

    My sister has this stroller and we used it all day in Disney world. We had two toddlers and they loved riding in the stroller. When it came to bed time we layed the seats back and us adults continued our night at Disney. My sister has now purchased me the same stroller as we are adopting.

  • excellent purchase

    Posted by deedee the mum of many on 16th Jan 2015

    i am so happy with my purchase. i have a 3month old and 3yr old and use it with both or just the baby. It folds down well except when the fold handle sticks.
    the frame gets very hot when left in the car for even a short while (its summer here)
    It should have come with the console.

  • Great so far

    Posted by beckylee92 on 16th Jan 2015

    My 16 month old has always hated strollers. When we got this stroller he wanted to climb in and after taking him for a walk, he wouldn't get out. That made the purchase worth it for me. It steers easily and he seems very comfortable. The wheel base is wider than our other stroller and it's heavy. I do wish you didn't have to purchase all the accessories separately because it becomes very expensive, but overall, I'm very happy with the stroller and the customer service I recieved from Peppy Parents.

  • Baby Jogger City Select

    Posted by 3littleboys on 16th Jan 2015

    Received this stroller very quickly after I ordered it and assembly was quick and easy. My new baby is due in a few weeks but I tried the stroller out around the house with my 2.5 yr old and it was incredibly smooth and he seemed very comfortable. It is easy to turn the seat around and it reclines back far enough for a newborn, so I didn't see the need for the bassinet at this point, but I guess I will see for sure when the baby is here.

  • great stroller, not for terrain

    Posted by KeithAnn Halle, henney_1[@] on 16th Jan 2015

    We got this stroller when wh had our second baby. Before this we used a city mini single. This is a great stroller and I love the versatility- being able to use it with both or just one baby. By 35 lb over 3 ft tall two yr old fits in the seat but is a little cramped lengthwise. the seat is not a generous as the city mini. And when using the infant carseat attachment, which you automatically put front and center, makes it push a lot harder, especially to make turns (because the heavier child is in front and low. But since switching to the two seats and no carseat attachment (baby just turned 6 months) I am happier. We can not use this well for walks near our house (we live on a ridge and all the sidewalks have curbs and no ramps) because with the heavier child in front and trying to negotiate inclines and large bumps it gets tippy.

    The customer service of baby jogger is great. The frame was very difficult to fold- it kept getting stuck- so we called and they fedexed a new one to us!

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