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Baby Jogger City Select stroller (2013)

Baby Jogger City Select stroller (2013)

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The exciting City Select stroller by Baby Jogger lets your stroller grow with your family with up to 16 different combinations!  81260

city jogger baby select Quartz city jogger baby select ruby city jogger baby select Onyx city jogger baby select Amethyst
(silver frame)
(silver frame)
(silver frame)
(silver frame)
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Use with one
or two infant
car seats
(optional adapters)
second seat
facing each other
second seat
both facing front
second seat
both facing rear

Use with newborns
Takes infant seat
Adjustable height handle
Reversible seat
Reclining seatback
One-hand folding
Shock absorbers
  • Start as a single, add a second seat for next child

  • Or, simply the best choice for newborn twins!

  • Fits through all doorways, not as long as other tandem strollers

  • Quickly add or remove second seat

  • Can carry two infant seats

  • Easy fold

  • Huge storage basket


The 2012/2013 City Select stroller is among the most desired by growing families. This multi-functional stroller allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets, and infant seats. This makes it a great match for newborn twins, as well as an older sibling with a new baby.

Unlike many other double strollers, the City Select lets you reverse both seats so your babies can face you. That’s important for bonding in the early months! Or, one can face back while one faces forward, if your older child prefers to see what’s coming.

The 2014 City Select stroller has two minor changes over the 2013 model: the seat safety harness has been improved to make it easier for parents to use; and the Baby Jogger logo has a new design on the fabric.

The City Select has a Limited Edition that is identical to this version, except the Limited Edition has a black frame.

City Select Different ConfigurationsUse with one or two children
For any combination of two children, you need the Second Seat Kit, which includes front position brackets. Confused over all the different pieces on the City Select? Here's help configuring the City Select


    The Fold
    Baby Jogger has its famous Quick-Fold technology. The City Select easily folds in a single step. With two seats attached, it’s also possible to fold it though with a larger folded size.

    Single-to-double versatility
    This stroller is designed around versatility. You can use one or two seats, one or two infant car seats, one or two bassinets – and any combination of all three! Plus, with a click on/off mount, you can change it around or remove a piece for an easy single stroller again.

    Reclining the seats
    On the City Select by Baby Jogger, the seats have a very deep recline. The amount of recline depends upon how the two seats are set up on the stroller. As a single, the seat can fully recline in forward and reverse positions. For two seats, when both seats face forward, there is a very limited recline range. And when the seats face each other or both face reverse, they can recline deeply. The City Select is one of the only tandem (front / back seating) strollers with the option to fully recline both seats -- an important feature when you have two young babies!

    Height-adjusting sun Canopy
    The seat on this stroller has a large sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window. The canopy can mount in two positions on the seat frame: one gives 21 inches of headroom, and the other increases maximum headroom to 24 inches.

  • Baby Jogger’s Patented Quick-Fold technology

  • Multi-position reclining stroller seat

  • Telescoping adjustable handlebar accommodates short to tall parents

  • Huge underseat storage basket

  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and padded buckle cover

  • Front wheel suspension

  • 8" lightweight front quick-release wheels with sealed ball bearings for easy rolling

  • 12" forever-air rear tires feel like air-filled rubber tires, but never go flat, offering superior ride without any inconvenience

  • Rear parking brake is hand controlled - no scuffed shoes

  • Each seat includes an accessory mounting bracket for optional City Select accessories

  • 90 lb. maximum weight capacity with two seats

  • Stroller frame and wheels
  • One seat with sun canopy
  • Underseat storage basket
Baby Jogger City Select stroller specifications
Type Of Stroller: Single seat with optional components
Maximum Carrying Load: 45 lbs per seat (up to 90 pounds)
Newborn Suitable: Yes, with optional bassinet or infant seat adapter
Infant Seat Adapter: Optional
Frame Material: Aluminum
Stroller Weight: Approx 28 lbs with one seat
Open Length 43" (single seat)
53" (two seats)
Open Width: 25.75"
Open Height (to top of handle): 41.5"
Tire: 8" EVA front tire, 12" rubber rear tire
Reclining: Multi-position
Folded Size: 28" x 25" x 13"
Brakes: Rear parking brake via hand lever
Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 1 year other parts

Does the City Select come with the double seat?
  • The City Select stroller is sold with one seat in the box. For a double stroller, the Second Seat Kit (with front brackets included) is sold separately.

What's the difference between the seat included with the City Select and the Second Seat Kit? Is one smaller?
  • The City Select stroller includes one seat with sun canopy. The Second Seat Kit includes an identical seat as what comes with the stroller - exactly the same. The Second Seat Kit also includes the front mounting brackets to let you convert the stroller frame into a double.

When does the City Select double stroller go on sale?
  • Sometimes at the end of each calendar year, if Baby Jogger has announced enhancements in the following year, dealers may mark down pricing on the old model.

How much does the Baby Jogger City Select stroller weigh?
  • As a single, the weight of the CitySelect is 28 pounds. With the Second Seat Kit mounted on the stroller, it all weighs 34 pounds; which is towards the lighter side of a full-size double stroller.

Are there ever any coupon codes on the City Select stroller?
  • Usually, Baby Jogger is excluded from promotional coupon codes for discounts. At the end of the calendar year, sometimes codes will be available if the next model year has enhancements.

What car seats can you use with the City Select seat adapter?
  • Baby Jogger makes a few different car seat adapters to use on the City Select. An adapter is necessary to use a car seat on the stroller. It includes car seat brands like Peg Perego, Graco, Maxi Cosi, Baby Trend, Britax, UPPAbaby, and others. See the full list.

Can you fold the stroller with both seats attached?
  • While it's possible to fold the City Select with both seats, it will be bulkier than folding with one seat attached. For parents wanting the one-seat smaller fold, it's only a few seconds to remove the doubles kit and lay atop the folded stroller.

    Mom from the Midwest
    I did an insane amount of exhaustive stroller research, first of all. I drove myself crazy, but because I wanted to avoid the double stroller nightmare to begin with, I was determined to find one that didn't feel like I was maneuvering a jumbo jet in the middle of a supermarket.

    I first looked at Phil & Ted strollers, because I wanted a jogging-capable stroller and theirs are light and more compact. But after reading how many people had wheel issues and having too much experience with wheel issues myself, I was nervous with that.

    The City Select price was a little hard for me to accept at first, especially with all of the accessories being separate. I've never paid over $150 for a stroller. But I've never used a stroller for longer than maybe a year before I found things I hated about it. Then I end up selling them for maybe $30. So I've altogether spent at least the cost of this Baby Jogger by replacing strollers that didn't work for me.

    I settled on this stroller with the doubles seat, the parent tray, and a toddler tray. I honestly think you could get by without accessories, there are nice storage pockets on the backs of the seats and I was able to fit my big water jug from the hospital (you know, your trophy for having the baby) in one of the pouches.

    I was taken aback, at first, by the stroller's weight. But what makes up for it is how incredibly smooth the ride is on any type of terrain. I was using a single lightweight Graco stroller before but the crappy plastic wheels made it way more difficult to steer and push than this bigger stroller. The Forever Air tires are quite possibly my favorite feature. I've taken this across grass, sand, dirt, and it doesn't get stuck in the railroad tracks at the zoo like all other strollers before it. And I've owned various jogging strollers with bicycle tires before and patching/filling tires is just I got so tired of.

    It was also important to me to have an in-line stroller and be able to fit through doorways. And to have big sun shades that cover the whole seat. I can't believe how many strollers have chintzy little shades that you can't adjust and they don't cover anything. The shades on this are huge, we've kept our little ones out of heavy snow, pouring rain, and bright sunlight. If the sun happens to be low in the sky and the shade doesn't quite cut it, it's a breeze to turn the seat completely around. Which is another feature I love: the versatility. I bought this for my youngest two, who are 14 months apart, with the intention of possibly also using it for 3 with the addition of the glider board. I use the seats in a number of different configurations depending on what activity we're doing. I know you can lay both seats down if both kids fall asleep but that never, ever happens with mine, unfortunately. You can also adjust each seat into multiple positions and I like that both seats are exactly the same, no rumble seats here.

    Also, the storage basket is huge. And I often fold the stroller up with crap left in the basket and it folds just fine and just as compact.

    I almost forgot about the hand brake. Oh, the hand brake! That was a huge seller for me. I almost broke into tears in the mall parking lot once when I couldn't get my foot brake on my old stroller to unstick. Literally, even trying to pry it with my hands, I couldn't get it. We all know what a pain foot brakes can be, especially if you don't wear sturdy shoes and I almost never do. The hand brake on this stroller is an absolute dream.

    This stroller is so well-made and sturdy, quality materials I've never experienced before since I've always been a cheapskate with my baby equipment-buying. It has proved infinitely useful for us and I really have no complaints. It's an investment, for sure, and a worthwhile one. It is heavier than, say, a Bugaboo but at half the price, I'll cope. It gives me a solid workout, at least. We're planning to add a 4th child, so we'll have 3 stroller-age kids and this stroller can adapt to that once we order the glider board for our toddler. I can't say enough good things about it, I try to convince everyone they need it but they mostly balk at the price. I love the look of this, which is important to me since I use it more than I use my car. And I get lots of compliments on how cool it is and people wanting to know the brand.














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