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Nuna IVVI Carry Cot Stroller Bassinet - Caviar -
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At-A-Glance Features

The Nuna IVVI Carry Cot Stroller Bassinet makes your IVVI infant compatible. Quick glance features:


Let sleeping babies snooze while you enjoy a stroll.

The Nuna IVVI Carry Cot is a new parent’s dream.  Add it to the IVVI Stroller’s stylish and practical design for easy sleeping.


Nuna IVVI Carry Cot Bassinet Features

The Nuna IVVI Stroller just got even better, with the addition of the IVVI Carry Cot Bassinet. Add this caviar-color sleeper to your stroller for cozy and happy naps while you’re on the go.

The Nuna IVVI Carry Cot features:

  • Comfy nest for infants to rest,
  • Over-sized canopy with Dream Drape,
  • Breathable mesh ventilation,
  • Super secret storage cubby,
  • Removable top cover,
  • Reversible mattress pad,
  • Machine-washable mattress liner,
  • Non-slip bottom feet,
  • Ergonomic carry handle,
  • Included rain cover.

Comfy nest for infants to rest

The stylish functionality of Nuna is on full display with the chic design of the IVVI Carry Cot Bassinet. Use as a pram or on its own. Whichever you choose, this bassinet will be a safe sleeping spot for your infant.

Over-sized canopy with Dream Drape

Nuna created the Dream Drape as a way to deal with one of your most pressing stroller problems -- keeping baby shaded comfortably. This means your baby will be safe from the elements, but still cool and comfortable.

Breathable mesh ventilation,

The Dream Drape is made of breathable mesh. It provides protection and ventilation. It’s the perfect way to give your baby an optimal place to rest, no matter where you are.

Super secret storage cubby

The first of its kind, the IVVI Carry Cot features a secret storage cubby. The cubby  is both washable and removable. It’s a sneaky little addition by the smart team at Nuna, who are always looking to make your life a wee bit easier.

Removable top cover

Simply unzip the top cover to easily remove it. Zip it back into place to keep baby warm and secure in cooler weather. Whichever way you choose, it’s simple to change your mind with just a zipper.

Reversible mattress pad

The reversible mattress pad means baby can rest in cozy comfort when it’s cool, or cool smooth mesh when it’s warm. This feature makes the IVVI Carry Cot perfect for any weather.

Machine-washable mattress liner

The mattress liner zips off completely and is machine washable. It's an easy way to clean up the mess of a leaky bottle or diaper. Just toss in the wash and lay flat to dry, for easy cleanup.

Non-slip bottom feet

Non-slip feet line the bottom surface. This feature keeps the fabric clean and make the IVVI Carry Cot a good choice as a travel pram or bedside sleeper.

Ergonomic carry handle

The ergonomic handle makes lifting easy. The handle features a non-slip overlay to make sure your most precious cargo is safe when lifting.

Included rain cover.

Most companies make you buy the rain cover separately, but Nuna knows you have enough to worry about with a new baby on the way. They add the rain cover for your pram right in the box, to save you money and time. When attached, even wet weather won’t wake your bundle of joy.

The Nuna IVVI Carry Cot Bassinet in Caviar is the perfect addition to the Nuna IVVI Stroller. If you’re bringing home a new baby to join your family, pick up this versatile add-on today!

Specifications for the NUNA IVVI Carry Cot Stroller Bassinet

 Compatibility: Nuna IVVI
 Installation:  Easy Click-In System

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