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Nuna Pepp Single Stroller -
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At-A-Glance Features

The Nuna Pepp is an eco-friendly and agile stroller. Quick glance features:

BPA-Free    Eco-Friendly Fabric    Height Adjusting Product    Infant Seat Compatible    Front-Locking Wheels   

Lightweight Product    Mindfully Produced Product    One-Handed Fold    PVC-Free    Reclining Stroller Seat   

Wheel Suspension    Warranty Information for Baby Gear

Sleek and practical, the Nuna Pepp is the lightweight stroller of your dreams.

The Nuna Pepp covers everything you want from a lightweight stroller for one ultra-affordable price. It’s the sleek and stylish stroller that will travel with you from baby’s first trip home all the way to preschool.

Nuna Pepp Features

Sleek and compact, the Nuna Pepp is a versatile stroller packed into a tiny package. The Nuna Pepp features:

      • Compact and completely flat fold
      • Height adjusting handle
      • One-handed open
      • Stands alone, when folded
      • 3-Position recline
      • Flat sleeper seat
      • 5-point anti-loop harness with quick release
      • Front swivel, locking wheels
      • One-touch rear wheel brakes
      • 2-position adjustable leg support
      • Large, removable storage basket
      • Peek-a-boo window
      • Removable canopy
      • JPMA Certified
      • Pairs with the Pipa infant car seat

Compact and completely flat fold

Perfect for taxi rides and compact cars, the Pepp takes compact to a whole new level. Fold it in half and lay it flat. When folded, the Nuna Pepp clocks in at just 27 inches high. With a weight of just under 20 pounds, it’s one of the leanest strollers around.

Height adjusting handle

No matter if your small or tall, the adjustable handle on this stroller  works for moms and dads of all sizes. The handle slides, with a simple transition, so mom or dad can push baby.

One-handed open

One-handed open makes juggling bags, baby and stroller a breeze. Just reach down, grab the handle bar and pull up. Maneuvering this stroller from car to street couldn’t be easier.

Stands alone, when folded

Many lightweight strollers fold compact, but then fall to the ground. This creates a hassle for you, as you try to balance your little one and reach for the stroller at the same time. With the Pepp, you won’t have to worry. It’s self-standing when folded.

3-Position recline

The 3-position recline makes it easy to use this stroller from infancy through the toddler years. Naptime is a breeze too! Just choose the position that’s right for your child.

Flat sleeper seat

Few lightweight strollers are designed to lay completely flat, the only acceptable position for a newborn. The Pepp will lay flat for newborns or sleeping toddlers, making it a stroller your child can grow with.

5-point anti-loop harness with quick release

Never worry about keeping your child safe. The 5-point harness makes it easy to keep baby safe and held in place. A quick release button ensures you can remove your child with ease, with just a snap.

Front swivel, locking wheels

The wheels on your Nuna stroller feature swivel and front-locks. This allows you to use the Pepp on cobblestone, gravel or other surfaces that make for a bumpy ride.

One-touch rear wheel brakes

Press the rear brake button with your foot and keep your stroller securely in place. The Pepp features easy-to-control rear wheel braking.

2-position adjustable leg support

Keep your child comfy, no matter what position he’s reclining in. The two-option calf support brings legs up for naptime.  Or, give him flat support for sitting up and watching the world go by.

Large, removable storage basket

Carry shopping bags, diaper bag and more with the ample storage basket. Or, if you’re headed for a walk, just remove the basket to make the stroller even lighter and more compact.

Peek-a-boo window

Keep baby protected from the sun and still keep an eye on him. The peek-a-boo window at the top of the canopy makes it easy.

Removable canopy

Sometimes, when the day isn’t too sunny, the canopy on your stroller just gets in the way. Easily remove it with just a few snaps.

JPMA Certified

Nuna knows that keeping your family safe is the most important thing to you. By voluntarily gaining JPMA Certification, you can trust in Nuna’s commitment to go above-and-beyond basic safety regulations.  

Pairs with the Pipa infant car seat

With the Pepp Car Seat Adapter, your lightweight stroller will hold the Nuna Pipa infant car seat.  This means you can easily take your sleeping little one from car to stroller and back again.


Specifications and Measurements for the Nuna Pepp Single Stroller

Type Of Stroller: Standard
Maximum Carrying Load: 50 lbs
Newborn Suitable: Yes, with infant seat adapter
Infant Seat Adapter: Optional
Frame Material: Aluminum
Stroller Weight: 19 lbs
Open Length (front wheel to handle): 33"
Open Width: 21.7"
Open Height (to top of handle): 41"
Tire: 5.5" rubber front, 6" rubber rear
Reclining: 3 positions
Folded Size: 29" x 21.7" x 10"
Brakes: Rear foot pedal engage/disengage
Warranty: 1 year

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