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Activity Mats

Activity mats answer very common questions among both old and new parents: “How do I entertain my infant?” and “What do I do with my baby now that she is alert more often than asleep?

Once our little ones transition from the newborn stage to the infant stage, there are many changes. They quickly go from sleeping the majority of the time, to being awake most of the time. However, they are not yet old enough to play with a lot of the toys on the market, especially before they are able to grasp anything with their tiny fingers.

So, how do you keep your baby entertained when he is awake? You know it is important, because even the youngest children learn through play -- but how? Activity mats are the answer to these questions! We have curated the best activity mats on the market . They will provide your growing infant with the age appropriate tools he needs to learn, play, and be entertained with you--all conveniently rolled into one piece of baby gear.

The activity mats from encourage learning by using all of your baby’s essential senses when it comes to understanding their environment. The mats also make the infamous (but necessary) tummy time more comfortable and much more fun for your baby with special pillows for propping, and toys specifically made for the tummy position.

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