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Babyproofing seems like something that can be put off for several months when your baby first arrives, but your baby will be mobile before you know it! Prepare your house for tiny, exploring hands before it is too late!

You will soon realize just how easily babies and toddlers find ways to turn seemingly harmless objects around your house into hazards. Be prepared for those first teetering steps and stock up on your babyproofing supplies before you find out just how much you need them!

Mark these items off of your checklist before your baby becomes mobile:

  • Be sure all of the cabinets in your home are secure and cannot be opened by little hands.
  • Protect tiny fingers from being squeezed in the door.
  • Make sure every electrical outlet has a secure cover in place.
  • Hide all of your power strips safely.
  • All door stops should be safe for your baby to come into contact with.
  • Doorknobs should be covered.
  • Secure heavy furniture to the wall.
  • Block off any areas in your house that have not been properly childproofed.

Parenting can be scary and as parents, our first priority is to keep our children safe and secure in their environment. Looking at your home in a new perspective will make your child’s surroundings as comfortable and safe as possible. Nothing can replace your undivided attention when it comes to your baby’s safety, but these babyproofing items will make it much easier for you to keep your baby safe.