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EzPz began with a Kickstarter campaign and continues to grow with the support of moms and dads. The fun and colorful silicone tableware are made to keep your child from flipping his dish at mealtime. It’s a fantastic way to take back meals and make them happy again...perhaps that’s why the flagship product is called The Happy Mat!

EzPz’s Happy Mats, bowls and playmats are both practical and an essential part of helping families with children who have special needs. The stay-stuck design of EzPz products makes it easier for many children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and vision challenges to enjoy dinner without some of the hassles of easy-to-tip plates.

The team at met the team from EzPz last year and fell in love with the product, the company’s culture, and the promise of clean floors in their family’s future. These are products we use in our own homes every day. We’re honored to offer them to your family. Choose your favorite color or grab one of each.

EzPz products are dishwasher safe and stack easily in your cabinet. Get yours fast with free shipping on orders over $49 from