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Soft & Cuddly Toys

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Soft & Cuddly Toys

It is the soft and snuggly toys that will often end up being the ones that become a constant companion to your child from the time she is a baby until she is school-aged(And beyond!). Pick the perfect lovie for your little one to make memories with at

With plush fabrics and huggable softness, these sweet toys will be perfect for tiny arms to hold close when bad dreams and monsters under the bed lurk in the dark. Comfort your child with the gift of a cuddly lovie.

Our toys are of the highest quality. No need to worry about durability! These toys will make it through the tough times with your child for years to come. Choose from simple and classic stuffies, interactive and visually stimulating soft toys, noise-making stuffed toys, and super soft blankies. We have a great selection of various soft toys for your baby to enjoy.

Choose between soft, muted pastels or bright and stimulating colors. Softer colors work well for sleep and nap time companions while bright colors work perfectly for play time. Many of the playful, noise-making soft toys come adorned with hooks that will allow you to attach to infant car seat handles for travel entertainment. You can also hook them to bouncey seats or mobiles.

Get all of your products shipped to you for free with an order of $49 or more! Reach the minimum by stocking up on various other toys from the selection here at!