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Infant Sleepsacks

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Infant Sleepsacks

Keep your infant secure and warm throughout the night with an infant sleepsack from Peppy Parents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it is important to keep pillows and thick blankets out of your baby’s sleeping area at all times.

“Bare is best” when it comes to crib safety, but we also understand that infants need to feel secure and comfortable in order to rest calmly. Infant sleepsacks solve the issue with ease. Simple place the sleepsack over your baby’s temperature-appropriate pajamas and place him into his crib! The risk of SIDs is greatly reduced with the use of sleepsacks which makes the addition to your infant’s sleepwear particularly important.

The wide opening at the bottom of the sack is important for your baby’s hip development and also allows him to kick and move his legs around freely. Overheating is another risk factor for SIDS which is why all our sleepsacks are made of light material. These fabrics are lightweight and breathable with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind.

You never have to worry about a stray blanket covering your infant’s face with a sleepsack. Safe sleep is important, purchase your infant sleepsacks today and they will ship to you within 24 hours from our Central Ohio offices.