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Baby Art

Give the gift of a beautiful moment frozen in time with Baby Art.

The days are long, but the years are so, so short. Preserve the memories you want to keep forever with Baby Art products. You’ll never forget just how small those fingers were the first time a tiny hand wrapped around your finger with these simple, easy to use products.

Baby Art gives parents a way to preserve the precious love story that is those first few moments of life. With Baby Art products, parents will be able to relive those first fleeting weeks over and over again. What makes a better, more heartwarming gift than the gift of a special memory preserved beautifully?

The Baby Art company began simply, with the love of a father for his newborn daughter and his desire to create a keepsake that would display those first life-changing weeks. The Baby Art team are parents just like you, and they cherish quality, safety, and beauty in the products they create.

Originality is what sets Baby Art apart from the rest. Kits are easy to use and they create personalized, beautiful works of art. All products from Baby Art are perfectly safe for your baby and will not irritate sensitive, fragile skin. Set up and cleanup is easy.

Baby Art has 3 main styles to choose from: Modern Trendy, Timeless Classic, or Baby Room. Choose the style that works best for your decor.