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Baby Tooth Meets the Tooth Fairy
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Baby Tooth Meets the Tooth Fairy

Follow the adventures of Baby Tooth as he navigates dental health in a fun way kids can understand!  

Baby Tooth Meets the Tooth Fairy explores an age-old question: who is the Tooth Fairy and where does she take baby teeth? When Baby Tooth and his friends start to wiggle, jiggle, then finally fall out, they begin an adventure that uncovers the mystery behind the Tooth Fairy, including where she takes baby teeth once they leave their child's mouth

Baby Tooth Meets the Tooth Fairy is part of the Baby Tooth book series written by Lauren Kelley and illustrated by Emmy Mitchell.  Check out more adventures with Baby Tooth in Tickle Your Teeth, Baby Tooth Gets A Cavity, and Nutrition 101 With Baby Tooth. 

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