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Diapering Accessories has all the diapering accessories you need to complete your diaper bag and more.

One of the most important products you will purchase when you start cloth diapering is a wet bag. Wet bags serve as a way to store soiled cloth diapers without worrying about smell or leakage until it is laundry day. Moms who have been cloth diapering for years recommend keeping several wetbags at different areas throughout your house when you are cloth diapering.

  • A wet bag next to the changing table
  • A wet bag in the bathroom next to the toilet
  • A wet/dry bag for the diaper bag

Wet bags serve more purposes than simply storing dirty cloth diapers, they are also a great place to store wet clothes, such as bathing suits as the bags keep the moisture inside of the bag. They also make adorable storage bags for makeup and beauty products without the worry of leakage.Wet/dry bags are perfect for diaper bags because there are different areas to put clean cloth diapers or soiled cloth diapers. The clean diapers can be stored in the dry side, while the dirty diapers can be kept in the wet side. Don’t forget to pick up extra cloth diaper inserts! Have a heavy night wetter? Simply add an extra insert to the diaper! It also helps to have some extra covers on hand as well. has you covered when it comes to diapering. Purchase $49 or more worth of products and receive free shipping within 24 hours.