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Doona Baby Gear

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Doona Baby Gear

Doona baby gear is designed by Simple Parenting. The signature Doona Infant Car Seat came to be when the company’s founder, Yoav Mazar, realized how difficult it was to take his newborn daughter around town with the family. The little Doona (a family nickname for “Danielle”) was a wonderful addition to the family, but the infant car seats and strollers were not.

Yoav Mazar tackled the problem of fixing travel for families with babies in a tiny workshop. From there, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds.  Doona baby gear now includes bags, accessories and more. We are excited to see what Mazar and his team come up with next!

Choose your favorite brightly-colored Doona gear from and get traveling fast. All orders ship from our sunny Central Florida home-base within 24 hours.