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Nookums Baby & Kids

The Nookums® brand is best known for Paci-Plushies®. These sanity-savers for moms everywhere where the brainchild of Stacy Dallman, wife of professional hockey player Kevin Dallman. Stacy was exhausted from all the trips to the store, scrambling under sofa cushions, and rinses in the sink that happen with normal pacifiers. She wanted an easy pacifier solution that would work with almost any brand. Stacy Dallman’s frustration with the limitations of traditional pacifier toys opened the door for other products and the Nookums brand has continued to grow.  

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pacifier toy, a teething ring that your child can handle without freezing fingers, or a convenient rattle and pacifier in one, these little lovies deliver. Soft and cuddly animals pair with pacifiers or teething rings of many different types. With their easy-to-use design, Nookums products can be used with almost any pacifier.

We first came across Paci-Plushies® at the 2015 ABC Kids show and fell in love with their design. We are excited to offer them to you here.