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Skip Hop

Skip Hop diaper bags and accessories are fun and functional. This global brand’s mission is to find joyful ways to make your life as a parent easier and more convenient. Everything that you need in a diaper bag and more can be found from Skip Hop at

The entire Skip Hop brand, a brand recognized around the world, began with a diaper bag. As new parents searching for the perfect diaper bag, founders Michael and Ellen Diamant realized just how limited their selection was. Ellen eventually decided to take matters into her own hands and design a stylish diaper bag that fit all of her travel parenting needs. Thus, the Skip Hop brand was born.

Skip Hop understands what is essential when it comes to carrying baby items on the go. That knowledge is and they were sure to incorporated in n all their knowledge into all of their products.

Ellen brings her creative background as an art director for luxury goods while her husband, Michael, brought his entrepreneurial background to the company. They each brought their first-hand knowledge of parenting to the board room as well.

Skip Hop makes your parenting must-haves both stylish and functional. The creativity, joy, and fun that is prioritized in this company comes through loud and clear through their products and straight to you and your growing family.

Your Skip Hop diaper bag will ship to you for free! Shop Skip Hop bags now and bring happiness along with you.