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Tableware & Sippy Cups

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Tableware & Sippy Cups

Tableware and sippy cups made specifically for your toddler make feeding time easy and less messy. The carefully curated products here were chosen with your toddler in mind. We know that keeping the mess to a minimum is important for you.

Our tableware is made for tiny hands that are still learning to grip. Feeding time will become easier and easier as your toddler learning to handle utensils made specifically for her.

Cups and sippy cups will become a definite necessity as your baby becomes a toddler who always seems to want to be on the move. You won’t have to worry about spills with these quality sippy cups. Our cups were chosen with durability in mind because we understand life with toddlers!

Snack feeders are great ways to introduce solids to your child without having to worry about large pieces that she can’t fully chew. Placing soft foods such as fruits in the mesh will allow her to taste the food without the worry of large pieces. These are also a great way to help comfort teething babies who need to chew to relieve gum discomfort. Looking for more teething accessories? Order $49 or more worth of products and receive free shipping on this order!

Make sure your kitchen cabinets are filled toddler-friendly items: baby food preparation and storage, bibs and burpees, and bottles and nursing accessories.