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Teethers & Pacifiers

Teething is a tough time for both parents and babies. Bring your baby relief with teethers and pacifiers from

There is nothing more upsetting for a parent than seeing your baby in discomfort. But, you do not have to feel helpless as your baby is teething. There are options available to help your baby soothe sore gums with teethers. Choose from various teethers with several texture and material options to suit your baby’s preference. Our teethers come in several shapes and sizes that will fit what your baby prefers to grasp.Just a few teething options we have available are teething rings, cooling teethers, teething blankets, pacifier-shaped teethers, and feeding teethers.

Pacifiers are a lifesaver in many households with young babies. Your baby’s sucking instinct is a calming technique and that is exactly what a pacifier is meant to do -- calm your baby by satisfying the sucking instinct. Pacifiers are great tools to distract and calm a fussy baby.

Looking for a few extra items to fill out a baby shower gift bag? Choose from our selection creative teething options and pacifiers! The new mom in your life will thank you during those long nights of staying up with a teething baby!

New parents shouldn’t forget to stock up on teethers and pacifiers before baby arrives! Teethers are often the very first toys your baby will enjoy!