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NEW Tula Releases! #1 Place for Adorable Prints - Ships Free

Tula often releases new beautiful prints of their very much sought after carriers. Some are exclusive to certain boutiques and others are available at most retailers. We put a list together of some of the releases below. We will continually update this as new releases come available. 

Fable features forest critters on a yellow backdrop with a navy canvas.

Released: 01/30/2017

Rainbow Showers features whimsical rainbows on an aqua backdrop with a navy canvas.

Released: 01/24/2017

Wild Hearts, a fully printed canvas carrier with distressed hearts.

Rereleased: 01/24/2017

The Oso blanket set includes a printed blanket with yellow bears and trees sprinkled with black pluses. Comes with coordinating yellow and light gray bear jacquards.

Released: 01/17/2017

The Splatter Jet blanket set features a modern black and white distressed plus sign design and comes with coordinating gray plus sign and triangle jacquards.

Released: 01/17/2017

The Clever blanket set sports printed creatures in trendsetter fashion alongside one mint solid and one white solid with a triangular pattern.

Rereleased: 01/17/2017

Tula Coast Frost has a dark navy base with the carrier having several linear shades of blue. This also has the mesh panel.

Released: 01/05/2017

Tula Coast Foxgloves print has

beautiful flowers against a deep blue with the mesh in the middle. The mesh provides better airflow for your little one.

Released: 01/05/2017

Tula Juicy blankets have fruits and veggies printed on one, green color on one and coral on the third blanket.

Released: 01/05/2017

The Tula Cacti has the cutest little cacti plant prints on it. In several different greens with little yellow suns.

Released: 12/07/2016

Carousel Mini Toy Carrier has little carousel ponies printed on it with adjustable straps. 

Released: 12/02/2016

Look for Helpers Mini Toy Carrier fits several sizes with adjustable straps. Anytime there is an issue, the look for helpers teaches them who to look for. 

Released: 12/02/2016

Let your little one match you with a mini Clever Toy Carrier. While you are carrying your baby, they can carry their toy baby and match their mommy or daddy!

Released: 12/02/2016

Bliss Bouquet Mini Toy Carrier has the same print as the larger Bliss Bouquet. Now they can be just like you!

Released: 12/02/2016

Mini Archer Toy Carrier is a perfect gift for your little one to carrier around their favorite doll. 

Released: 12/02/2016

Introducing the Cheshire! Beautiful pink, red, green and gray pattern. Includes regulated hood in light gray.

Released: 11/17/2016

The Zoology has a pattern of elephants, hippos, birds, frogs and trees. Cutest colors for your baby or toddler! Comes with removable hood in dark gray.

Released: 11/17/2016

Love the sea?!?! This Narwhal is the perfect carrier with little whales and other sea life. Removable, regulated hood in gray.
The Finley is a dark gray, teal, white and light gray pattern. Comes with a dark gray hood. 
Jack baby Carrier has little beavers dressed up as lumberjacks. The Jack comes with a dark gray hood.
The Fawn - Ergonomic Baby Carrier has little white deer prints all over it. Comes with a hood in light gray to help keep your little one covered.
The Agate comes in both standard and toddler size. With a cute yellow hood and blue, yellow and gray colors make this a great carrier for any baby girl or boy.
Twiggy comes with a removable black hood. Like all Tula carriers, these are hand-made from 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified canvas.
Looking for one of the cutest carriers? The Clever is it. It's absolutely adorable with the different animals with glasses! Included is a hood in dark gray.

Arbol with a black hood. Comes with removable black hood and black canvas straps. The standard sized carrier holds 15-45 pounds. The yellow padding and the tree-like designs make this carrier great for an outdoor adventure. 

The Coast Pilot with a navy base and an orange breathable mesh hood. The large orange piece is breathable also to help keep the baby cool. This takes carriers to new heights.
Trillion with navy blue hood and navy straps is a great carrier for your boy or girl. The blueish colors and patterns are based on precious stones.
Garden Party with light gray hood has all the beautiful colors of a flower garden. The padding around the legs is in a blue gingham pattern. With many different flowers and little animals, this print is fun to look at and wear. 
Coast Aqua Rain with hood in dark gray breathable mesh. This carrier also has the center panel in light gray to allow better airflow to your baby. 
Coast Overcast with a hood in a light gray breathable mesh. As you see, this carrier also has the mesh center panel in light gray. Like most Tula Carriers, it has the large front pocket on the hip belt.
Aquarelle Carrier with light gray hood and coral leg padding. This print is based on light, delicate watercolor paintings. Check out the matching accessories like the Rock'n'Sew Custom Drool Pads!

Lunabrite with navy blue hood. We also have the Rock'n'Sew matching drool pads for this awesome print. The carrier, like most of these, are machine washable. This print is inspired by the illumination of the deep depths of the sea with triangular rays of light.


Dew Drop with hood in light gray is a great gender-free carrier that can't be found on the Tula site because it is a Retailer Exclusive! 
Coast Prance Baby Carrier includes purple breathable mesh hood and mesh panel on the carrier. This carrier has the ultimate breathability with a mesh back and hood to help keep your child cool. These are great for any peppy parent on the go!
Coast Jagger Carrier with navy breathable mesh hood is great for anyone with an active lifestyle. Like a lot of the other mesh carriers, this allows for great airflow to your child.
Poppy Sky with removable, regulated black hood is printed with poppy flowers over a soft blue sky. Only weighing in at two pounds, this carrier is easy to keep on until your child is ready to get back in it.

Coast Fractal Baby Carrier with aqua breathable mesh hood reminds you of being by the ocean. The light colors make this carrier suited for any gender. As other Tula's, you can see the pocket under the child.

Released: 04/12/2016

Fleet Baby Carrier with navy blue hood. This print was designed to resemble the Navy's battle dress uniform. 

Released: 11/05/2014

Tide Pool Carrier with removable, regulated purple hood. This print was inspired by all the shapes and colors along the sea shore at low tide.

Released: 04/07/2016

Trendsetter Navy with removable, regulated hood in navy. This carrier has many of your favorite prints in one. The prints have many circles filled with designs of chevron, houndstooth, and stripes against a navy blue background.

Released: 04/07/2016

Trendsetter Coral with hood in Coral is just like the Navy version having many circles filled with designs of chevron, houndstooth, and stripes.

Released: 04/07/2016

Solana Baby Carrier with khaki hood. This print is inspired by Solana Beach. These colors match the sun and sand of this beach. Stroll along the boardwalk or stop and grab a coffee with this carrier.

Released: 04/11/2015

Gossamer Carrier with hood in light gray shows off the beauty of butterfly's. The legs are padded with a flowing dot print.

Concentric - Ergonomic Baby Carrier with a black hood. This is a repeated dash design, in elegant black and white. It gives off the look of an embroidered pattern without having to worry about snagging it!

Released: 02/04/2016

Forest House includes regulated, removable hood in slate blue. This print has trees and little houses all over it in many different colors.

Released: 02/04/2016

Ripple Baby Carrier with hood in dark gray. The ripple reminds us of the ripples when you throw a pebble in a pond or lake. 

Released: 02/04/2016

Shenandoah Ergonomic Carrier with regulated hood in light gray. This print shows off fun colorful trees in chic shades of gray, pink, and mustard with our light gray canvas.

Released: 02/04/2016

Ergonomic Baby Carrier Tulasaurus

Released: 02/04/2016

Tula Ergonomic Pink Zig Zag
Tula Confetti Pop 
Tula Baby Carrier Message In A Bottle
Tula Sidekick Carrier. Don't forget the matching drool pads by Rock'n'Sew
Olive - Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Tula Baby Carrier - Look For Helpers
Tula Equilateral Carrier 
Juliette - Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Tula Indigo Baby Carrier
Daydreamer Spring Equinox

Tula Daydreamer Winter Solstice Baby Carrier has a colorful base of yellow, green, blue and purple with a black hood. Artist Rachel Hirst designed this and the Summer Equinox prints to show a party in the sky.

Released: 11/09/2015

Tula Baby Carrier Foliage has a fall like colors in the pattern. The leaves are blue, gray, pink and olive. Perfect for any sex baby. Also, includes a dark gray hood. Like all the Tula Carriers, these are handmade from Hand-made from 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton.

Released: 11/05/2015

Tula Campy Carrier comes with a brown canvas base and removable, regulated hood in brown to cover your baby. If it's for a newborn, you may need the insert

Released: 4/16/2015