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UPPAbaby Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Questions

Where can I find the serial number on my UPPAbaby products?


On the Vista If you're looking for the serial number on a  Vista (2010 and newer) you will need to get down on the ground. The serial number will be on a sticker located on the left side of the rear wheel axle base.
On the G-Luxe, G-Link or G-Lite The serial number for the G-Luxe and G-Lite strollers is located on the lower left of the stroller frame. Look for a square sticker with a barcode. The serial number will be a 15 or 17 digit number underneath that barcode.
On the Cruz Look for the Cruz serial number to the lower right of the stroller frame. Like other UPPAbaby gear, you’re looking for a square sticker with a barcode and a 15 to 17-digit number.
On the Mesa  Beyond the registration card, you can find the serial number on a white label at the back of the Mesa car seat. In addition, the number can be found on the bottom of the base.


Where can I find discounts on UPPAbaby gear?

UPPAbaby offers occasional discounts through authorized retailers only. If there is an active UPPAbaby sale, you will be sure to find it right here at


Why do parents love UPPAbaby so much?

There are lots of reasons why parents trust the Boston-based brand. The strollers are safe, durable, easy and stylish. That’s a rare combination in the world of baby gear. It’s fairly easy to get two out of three, but finding them all in the same product is rare.

In early 2016 the founders, Bob and Lauren Monahan, described their design and positioning process it Vogue and we think they say it best. The Monahans envisioned a stroller that was sleek, stylish and easy to use. From that space the Vista was born.

Today, 10 years later, the company’s designers still keep strollers from other competing brands in their offices. It helps the company remain focused on their original intent.

We think parents love UPPAbaby because the company puts parents wants first.


Warranty Questions

What does UPPAbaby cover under their warranty?

The extended warranty covers all strollers, the Mesa car seat, and some accessories for three years from the date of purchase. The company will provide replacement part or repair due to manufacturer defects.

To receive the warranty, items must be registered online within three months of purchase.

(To learn more about this warranty, visit our warranty page by clicking here.)


How long does the warranty last for?

The standard warranty lasts for 24 months. However, if products are registered online, that warranty is extended by one year, giving a total length of three years.


Product Specific Questions

What’s the difference between a UPPAbaby Toddler Seat and a Rumbleseat?

The UPPAbaby Toddler Seat is the seat that comes with the Vista or Cruz stroller. The Rumbleseat is the additional seat that can be purchased separately.  

The Rumbleseat is slightly smaller and holds less weight. The UPPAbaby toddler seat is appropriate for a child up to 50 pounds. The Rumbleseat cuts off at 35 pounds.


What is the TravelSafe Program that comes with UPPAbaby travel bags?

The Travel Safe Program is a special guarantee for parents who travel with their  UPPAbaby strollers. The program guarantees that strollers transported with their bags will be free of damage from flying.

If your family travels often, this is one of the best guarantees in the baby gear world. All you have to do is purchase your travel bag, register it online, and use it when you gate check your gear. If any damage occurs, UPPAbaby will fix or replace your stroller.


Questions About the Vista Stroller

What ways can I configure my UPPAbaby Vista?

The Vista can be configured in nine different ways, 10 if you count adding the toddler board. The flexible UPPAbaby Vista configuration options are what make the Vista such a special stroller. It’s perfect for multiples, or for growing families. Here’s the breakdown:

Rumbleseat + Bassinet

Upper bracket to place the bassinet in the top position.

Upper and lower bracket to place bassinet in the lower position.

Two Mesa Car Seats Upper and lower adapters required.

Rear-Facing Rumbleseat +

Mesa Car Seat 

Upper adapters required.
Forward-Facing Rumbleseat + Mesa Car Seat  Upper adapters required.
Two Bassinets Upper and lower adapters required.
Standard Vista + Rumbleseat 

No adapter required. Shown with recommended upper adapter for extra space.



What’s the difference between the 2015 Vista and older models?

 The 2015 Vista was completely redesigned. As of fall 2016, this model remains the current version. The 2015 UPPAbaby Vista model added more configuration options and many other features.

Earlier UPPAbaby Vista models do not have the nine different configuration options. In addition, the new model features a larger storage basket, improved folding mechanism and enhanced suspension.

For the most part, 2015 model accessories do not work on older models. We highly suggest purchasing a new Vista if you’re considering one. That way you will have access to the dozens of accessories and options created for this model.


How do the upper and lower brackets work on the Vista?

The brackets, whether upper or lower, are only necessary if you are using the Vista as a double stroller. The two sets of brackets are used in the following way:

  • Upper Brackets: Vista Upper Brackets are used for the main stroller seat, bassinet or the Mesa car seat. The upper brackets are necessary when you want to place anything other than the UPPAbaby toddler seat in the upper position.
  • Lower Brackets: The Vista Lower Brackets come into play when adding a bassinet or Mesa car seat in the bottom position. Anytime you are using the lower brackets you will need the upper brackets as well. The upper brackets give extra space between the two pieces. Note: The Rumbleseat does not require lower brackets. It will snap into place all on its own.

Do I have to take the seat off to fold my Vista?

No. The Vista folds with the seat in place, when it is front-facing.


Can I fold the Rumbleseat with the stroller and Toddler Seat?

Yes, it is possible to fold the Vista when it is configured as a two-seat double stroller. Both seats must be in the forward-facing position, and the upper seat leg rest must be folded down.


Will my 2015 Rumbleseat fit older strollers?

No. For Vistas older than 2015, the 2014 Rumbleseat must be used. The older Vistas are shaped differently and do not include as many options for configuration.


Can I put the main UPPAbaby toddler seat in the front position on the Vista?

No. only the 2015 Rumbleseat will fit in the position over the front wheels. This is due to the seat’s smaller dimensions. The Rumbleseat cannot be placed in the upper position, and the main stroller seat cannot fit in the lower position.


What is the age limit/weight capacity of the Vista?

The 2015 Vista can hold up to 85 pounds. However, the weight capacity varies depending on the Vista configurations. Check the following Vista accessory weight restrictions to make sure you’re riding safe:

Toddler Seat Only Up to 50 lbs.
Rumbleseat  Up to 35 lbs.
Bassinet Only Birth to 20 lbs. Note: The bassinet should not be used after the baby can lift herself up.


Can I use my stroller from birth?

Yes. Every 2015 Vista comes with a bassinet that’s perfect for strolling with a newborn.

If the bassinet isn’t convenient enough for your needs, the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat easily snaps onto the stroller and the toddler seat can be used with an infant, with the addition of the SnugSeat Infant Insert.

The ability to use the Vista from birth, in so many ways, is one of the key reasons this stroller works so well for families of twins. Out of the box, the vista could be used for two infants with just the addition of the SnugSeat insert and brackets. Or, the stroller is capable of taking two car seats, or two bassinets.


How does the Vista fold?

The UPPAbaby Vista 2015 model is even simpler to fold than previous models.

The improved folding mechanism uses a pull trigger on either side of the handle.  By pulling the triggers at the same time, the stroller frame unlocks and collapses in one easy motion. Warning: Children and adults should be clear of moving parts while making stroller adjustments and folding. Damaging fingers or other extremities is no fun! Please consult your Vista manual for detailed instructions on folding and unfolding your stroller.

What are the seat recline angles for this stroller?

The UPPAbaby Toddler Seat has five recline options, from upright to full recline. The progression is in 12 degree increments. Note: The Rumbleseat does not recline to flat, which means it is not infant compatible.


How do I adjust the harness straps?

The Vista’s harness straps can be easily. First, remove the velcro cover on each strap. Under these covers you will find a square metal clip. Move the strap fabric to the side to see the break in the clip. Then, slide the clip out and move the straps to the desired level. Finally, slide the clip back into place and replace the strap covers.


Where can I find a discount code?

Authorized dealers, like PeppyParents, have agreements with UPPAbaby not to discount or advertise coupons for the Vista, unless approved by the company. If you don’t see a discount available, there are none available at this time. PeppyParents participates in all available UPPAbaby promotions.


Can my child face both ways in the Vista?

Yes. One of the most popular features of this stroller is the reversible seat. The seat easily snaps in and out of place, so you can convert the seat at anytime.


What is special about the wheels?

The wheels on the Vista borrow from high performance athletic shoes. The wheels will never go flat, because they are constructed of rubber-coated AirGo foam. It’s a unique system that replaces pressurized air and prevents punctures. You’ll never have to worry about a stroller pump again!


Can I jog with this stroller?

No. The Vista is not recommended for running, jogging, or power walking. Jogging strollers are specially designed to provide extra stability and quick stop safety controls. We have a selection of carefully curated jogging strollers that will work great for your daily workouts.


Which infant car seats fit on the Vista?

The 2015 Vista is compatible with a number of popular infant car seats. All you need is the right car seat adapter. Choose your car seat and adapter from this easy chart.


Cybex Maxi-Cosi Nuna  Chicco

Infant Car Seat Adapter for Maxi-Cosi +

Upper or Lower Brackets

Infant Car Seat Adapter for Maxi-Cosi +

Upper or Lower Brackets

Infant Car Seat Adapter for Maxi-Cosi +

Upper or Lower Brackets

Infant Car Seat Adapter for Chicco +

Upper or Lower Brackets


What fabric is used for the Vista?

The fabric for the UPPAbaby Vista Toddler Seat, Rumbleseat, and bassinet are 1680 Polyester and 600D Nylon. The bassinet lining is an all-natural blend of cotton and soybean fiber.


How do I clean my stroller?

Simple spots and daily messes are best cleaned with Buggy Love cleaning products. Simply spot clean with product and damp cloth. If you experience a larger spill, where the entire fabric needs cleaning, UPPAbaby has a simple cleaning process you can do in your bathtub that you can find here.


What are the dimensions of the 2015 Vista?

That depends on how you have the stroller configured. These are the basic specifications:

  • 2015 VISTA Dimensions:
    • Unfolded: 26.5"W x 41"H x 33"L (length from back of rear tire to front of front tire)
    • Folded with seat attached: 26.5"W x 32"H x 15"L
    • Folded without seat attached: 26.5"W x 32"H x 14"L

  • Bassinet dimensions:
    • 27.5" l x 17.5"w x 28"h
    • Maximum child length: 25" (63cm)
    • Maximum child weight: 20 lbs. (9kg)
    • Handlebar width: 18" across

  • What is the size of the 2015 UPPAbaby VISTA box?
    • 22"w x 18"h x 32.75"

  • 2015 VISTA Weight (Includes canopy, basket, and wheels):
    • Frame + Seat: 27.5 pounds
    • Frame Only: 21 pounds
    • Seat: 6.5 pounds
    • Rumbleseat: 6 pounds
    • Bassinet: 8.5 pounds


UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Frequently Asked Questions

The UPPAbaby Cruz is sort of the Vista’s little brother. It’s an easy-to-use compact stroller. The Cruz will fit through small doorways and down tight aisles with ease.


How can I configure the Cruz stroller?

The Cruz is a single stroller with lots of versatility. It can be configured in the following ways:

Forward-Facing Seat UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller -
Rear-Facing Seat Rear-Facing Cruz -
With Car Seat Cruz with Mesa Car Seat -
With Bassinet UPPAbaby Cruz with Bassinet -


Do I have to take the seat off my Cruz to fold it?

No! This stroller folds easily with the seat attached. The seat must be in the front-facing, upright position.


What is the difference between the older model years and the 2015 UPPAbaby Cruz?


Year Improvements
2011 Cruz Stroller introduced by UPPAbaby
2012 Maeve (Lilac) color introduced
2013/14 Compatible Bassinet introduced

Suspension removed and shock-absorbing tires introduced,

Bumper bar included with the stroller,

Several new colors introduced.


Can the Cruz work as a double stroller?

No. The Cruz frame is lighter weight than the Vista. For this reason, it is not designed to be a double. The riding board for Cruz can allow an older child to ride standing.

Is the Cruz appropriate for a newborn?

Yes, with one of three additional features. The optional UPPAbaby Bassinet, the optional SnugSeat Infant Insert, or an infant car seat adapter can be used to make the Cruz infant compatible.  

What is the weight limit for the Cruz?

The Cruz is appropriate for children up to 50 pounds, with the use of the stroller seat.

How does the Cruz fold?

Folding the Cruz is simple and efficient. It’s as easy as 1...2...3…

  1. Activate the stroller’s brake. This will prevent it from rolling while folding.
  2. Use your index fingers to slide the two side release triggers up, until the frame begins to fold.

Once the Cruz begins to collapse, hold the handlebar and continue to fold until the latch on the left side engages. The stroller will stand on its own when folded.

What comes with this stroller?

This stroller comes with the bumper bar, rain cover and bug shield. Other accessories are sold separately.

How much does it weigh?

The UPPAbaby Cruz weighs 22 pounds, when completely assembled.

Does this stroller have suspension?

For the 2015 and newer models, it does not. Instead, UPPAbaby introduced wheels that simulate the cushier ride of true air tires.

Is the seat reversible? Can my child face both ways?

Yes. The seat can be faced out to see the world or turned around for parent interaction. It’s as easy as two clicks of a button.

What makes this stroller’s wheels so special?

Just like the Vista, UPPAbaby borrowed from high-performance athletic shoes to bring you all-terrain wheels that will never go flat. The tires are large in the rear, 8.25 inches, and rubber-coated EVA foam.

What are the dimensions of the UPPAbaby Cruz?

Unfolded: 22.25"W x 39.5"H x 37"L
Folded with seat attached:

22.25"W x 37"H x 11"L

Folded without seat attached:

22.25"W x 37"H x 9"L

Weight (includes canopy, seat, basket, and wheels): 22 pounds


What infant car seats will fit on the Cruz?

The Cruz is compatible with the following infant car seats, utilizing an optional adapter:

  • Graco SnugRide, SafeSeat, SnugRide 30, SnugRide 32 and SnugRide 35
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and Primo Viaggio SIP
  • Chicco Keyfit and Keyfit 30
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico, Mico Max, Citi, Cabrio, and CabrioFix

Does this stroller come with a cup holder or snack tray?

No. The cup holder and snack tray for the Cruz are sold separately. You can find them and other accessories on our UPPAbaby Accessories Page.

What kind of fabric is the UPPAbaby Cruz seat made from?

Like the Vista, the seat is made of 1680 Polyester and 600D Nylon fabrics.

Questions About the UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat

The Mesa is a great choice for parents of infants. Take a look at some of these frequently asked questions about this popular infant car seat:

Does the Mesa expire?

Yes. All car seats have an expiration date. It is important to discontinue using the Mesa after seven years. The manufacture date referred to on the bottom of the carrier and base clearly states the date. Whether or not your Mesa has expired, please discontinue use if you experience a crash of any sort with your car seat.

Is the Mesa safe? How do you know?

The Mesa is completely safe. In the United States, all car seats must pass safety and manufacturer standards to be sold. The Mesa meets and exceeds all of these standards.

What is the difference between the 2015 Mesa and previous versions?

The UPPAbaby Mesa has always been a standout infant car seat. For 2015, the company made it even better. The Mesa was updated with superior fabrics that increased breathability and ventilation. In addition, the manual and locking clip was moved to make installation easier.

What is the age limit and capacity of the Mesa Car Seat?

Mesa Infant Car Seats are perfect for little ones from four pounds to 35 pounds, or 32 inches long (whichever comes first).

When your child’s head is within an inch of the SIP headrest top in its highest position, it is time for a new car seat. Always read your UPPAbaby manual for complete instructions on making sure your child is a perfect fit in the seat.

One of the unique features of the Mesa is its ability to accommodate premature babies. When you use your Mesa with a premie it is important to remove the harness pads. This allows you to bring the chest clip to armpit level.

How do I make sure my child is secure in the Mesa?

Ensuring your baby is safe is our most important priority! Use this simple 3-Step process to ensure a perfect fit. If you have further questions, please refer to your Mesa Manual.


Step One: Position the seat’s head restraint so the seat harness rests at your child’s shoulders. Doing this prevents him from upward sliding, even in crashes.
Step Two: The chest clip sits at armpit level. Make sure the shoulder pads do not interfere with the chest clip. Remove the shoulder pads if you cannot get a proper fit with them.
Step Three:

Use a “Pinch Test” to check that the harness fits snuggly. You should not be able to pull the strap and pinch the extra fabric together. Please make sure the straps are laying flat, with no twisting or bunching.


When should I use the infant insert?

UPPAbaby recommends using the infant insert for children from 4-8 pounds.


When should I move my child to the next buckle location?

Always keep the buckle as close to your child as possible. Only move the buckle when the child is on top of the buckle.


How do I release the Mesa from my UPPAbaby stroller?

Removing your Mesa from your Vista or Cruz is simple and fast. Just press the grey release button on the top of the carry handle.


Where is the Mesa’s base release?

The grey handle located on the backside of the Mesa. Think of the grey buttons on the Mesa as contact points.


Can I install the Mesa without the base?

Yes! The base is not required to achieve a secure install. It makes the Mesa a perfect choice for parents in busy city cabs or vacationing around the globe. Simply route the lap belt through the blue guides on the seat. Make sure that the red line on the carrier is parallel to the vehicle floor. Please refer to your Mesa Manual for further instructions on using the seat with the base.


Does it matter which direction my child faces on the Vista or Cruz stroller when she’s riding in her Mesa?

Nope. Your Mesa can face either out to see the world or backwards towards you.

What do I do if I get in an accident with my Mesa?

UPPAbaby created the Mesa to follow NHTSA guidelines for vehicle accidents. That means, your car seat should be replaced following any moderate or severe crashes.

The Mesa does not need to be replaced in a minor crash. The NHTSA considers a crash minor if the crash meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • The vehicle could be driven away from the accident with no trouble,
  • The door nearest to the car seat received no damage,
  • No occupants of the vehicle were injured,
  • The airbags did not deploy AND there is no visible damage to the seat.

Can I get a travel bag or accessories for my car seat?

Yes. For 2017, UPPAbaby is introducing a Mesa carry bag. Browse our UPPAbaby Car Seat Accessories category for all available options.

Questions About the UPPAbaby G-Series Strollers

The UPPAbaby G-Series strollers offer lightweight flexibility with many of the features you love from full-size strollers. Find the answers to some of your most common questions about the G-Link, G-Luxe and G-Lite strollers here.

What is the difference between the three G-Series choices?

Stroller Image  Overview
G-Link UPPAbaby G-Link Stroller Jake - The G-Link is UPPAbaby’s first (and much anticipated) double umbrella stroller. It’s perfect for parents of twins or who are expecting a second child.  
G-Luxe UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller Denny - The G-Luxe is a lightweight single stroller with most of the features of a full-size stroller.
G-Lite UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller - The G-Lite is UPPAbaby’s lightest stroller option. Pick it up with one hand, carry it over your shoulder, or push your child with ease. This is the ultimate foldable option for on-the-go families.


How do I open and/or close my G-Link, G-Luxe, or G-Lite stroller?

All three G-Series strollers are simple to fold and open.


To Open Your Stroller:


  1. Title the stroller back on its rear wheels. Unhook the latch on the left side of the stroller and the front wheels will fall forward when you pull up on the handlebars, with your foot resting on the foot pedal. Note: for the G-Link, it is easiest to use your hand to pull up on the middle wheel bar at the base, rather than pulling the handle.
  2. Make sure the silver tabs are showing on the lower part of the frame. This ensures that the stroller is locked in the open position. Do not place your child in the stroller until those tabs are in place.


To Close Your Stroller:


  1. Folding is simple and fast. Simply push the gray button plastic collar found below the handle. Once it is engaged, use your middle fingers to pull the grey triggers towards you. This will release the locking system.
  2. Pull up the front wheels, leading the stroller into a standing position. Then, ensure the latch locks in place. The stroller will stand upright on its own.


What are the ages and weight limits for the G-Series strollers?

G-LUXE Suitable for children 3 months to 55 lbs.
G-LITE Suitable for children 6 months up to 55 lbs.

Birth to 50 lbs. In each seat,

Total weight of up to 100 lbs, distributed between both seats


Are G-Series strollers infant compatible?

The G-Luxe and G-Lite are NOT infant compatible. This is because they do not recline fully to accommodate a baby who cannot sit up on her own, or hold her own head.

The G-Link double CAN accommodate infants. The seats are designed to lay flat, include a special snap-on mesh foot barrier, and a plush head insert to hold an infant’s head steady.


What accessories are available for my G-Series stroller?

The G-Series strollers offer a few lightweight accessories to customize without additional bulk.

Add a parent organizer, footmuff, or rainshield. You can browse all the G-Series stroller accessories here.


What are the dimensions of the G-Series strollers?


Unfolded: 20”W x 42.5”H x 33”L

Folded: 12”W x 42.5”H x 8”L

True Weight (includes canopy, wheels, and basket): 11 lbs.

Unfolded: 19.5”W x 42”H x 32”L

Folded: 11.5”W x 42”H x 7.5”L

True Weight (includes canopy, wheels, and basket): 8.8 lbs.

Unfolded: 30”W x 29”L x 42”H

Folded: 18”W x 18”L x 41”H

True Weight (includes canopy, wheels, and basket): 24.5 lbs.