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BabyArt Baby Framed Handprint Impression with Day-of-Birth Newspaper -
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At-A-Glance Features

The BabyArt Baby Framed Handprint Impression is a heartwarming keepsake for new parents. Quick glance features:


Put your precious memories beautifully on display

Housed in a simple and elegant white frame, you can display your baby’s foot or handprints alongside a special piece of memorabilia quickly and easily with no artistic skills required.

BabyArt Framed Handprint and Display Features

  • All necessary materials included
  • Recommended for babies from birth to 3 years old
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No mess!
  • Completely safe for your baby
  • Trial and error friendly
  • 24 hour drying time
  • Space for separate display

All necessary materials included

Everything you need to create a lasting and beautiful memory is included in this kit - no extra tools required!

Recommended for babies from birth to 3 years old

You can use this product to make imprints of your baby or toddler’s hands or feet from birth up until the age of 3.

Quick and easy to use

There are no artistic skills required in creating an impression of your child’s hands or feet. Simply roll out the modeling clay and press your child’s hand or foot into the clay. Trim to the desired size and add any other details that you would like… that’s it!

Completely safe for your baby

All of BabyArt’s products are nontoxic and completely safe to use worry-free with your baby.

No mess!

There is no messy clean up required with this product. The modeling clay will no stick to your child’s hands or feet or the counter top after use. Simply throw away the scraps of modeling clay or reuse for another imprint!

Trial and error friendly

The BabyArt framed handprint modeling clay allows for as many trials and errors as you may need. Simply knead the clay between each trial and roll flat before each use.

24 hour drying time

In 24 hours your impression will be preserved forever and ready to display!

Space for separate display

Placed below your imprint is an area made for any flat, paper souvenir you would like to display alongside your baby’s impression; a newspaper article, birth announcement, letter, certificate… anything you’d like!

All Baby Art products have been designed so that anyone can use them and no particular skill is required. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided and all the stages involved in making it (proportions, drying time etc). The impressions really are child's play and there's no risk of them going wrong because you can start over again as often as you want if you don't like the result.

To personalise the impression of your baby in the clay from the print products or the Magic Box, you can engrave them with the name, date of birth or date you made. Use a pointed tool (a pencil, knife etc.) to engrave in the clay before it dries. You can also decorate the impression or the frame background using traditional acrylic paint.

Specifications for the BabyArt Baby Framed Handprint Impression

Included:  Frame with day of birth newspaper, Clay imprint kit
 Material:  Various
 Hanging:  One picture nail or screw

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