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EZPZ All-In-One Play Mat - Mint -
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At-A-Glance Features

The EZPZ Happy Bowl makes mealtimes easier! Quick glance features:


Keep small toys and treats corralled with this innovative playmat.

The EZPZ All-In-One Play Mat will transform the most frustrating of crafts and play -- those with little parts -- into always fun and simple games. The suction action of the mat keeps small parts all in one place and leaves room for building or decorating on the side. Other features include:

  • Flower compartments divide different types of items with ease. Use it for legos, beads, paints and more.
  • Made of food-grade silicone, so add a snack to one of the compartments as well.
  • Dishwasher, microwave and can use this mat almost any way you want.

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