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2020 UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs. 2019 UPPAbaby Vista Single Stroller Comparison

After several years, UPPAbaby is unveiling some changes to its popular Vista Stroller.  In this post, we'll walk through the differences between the new 2020 Vista V2 Stroller and the 2019 Vista Stroller.  Read on to find out more.   


Fabric Choices:

The new Vista V2 will be available in four new fabric choices:  Sierra, Finn, Hazel, and Alice.  

Alice                                                         Sierra                                                      Finn                                                          Hazel

In addition, UPPAbaby will continue to offer the popular Bryce (White Marl), Emmett (Green Melange), Gregory (Blue Melange), Jake (Black) and Jordan (Charcoal Melange) fabrics in the new V2 model.

Three fabric choices available on the 2019 models, Spenser (Grey & Yellow Tartan), William (Chambray Oxford), and Henry (Blue Marl), will no longer be available in the V2 model.  

Feature Updates:

No Rethread Harness:

The Toddler Seat included with the purchase of the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller will now feature a 5 point, no rethread harness. The 2019 UPPAbaby Vista does offer a 5 point harness, but adjusting the height of the harness straps requires you to unclip the harness straps at the top and then locate and reclip each strap at the desired height.  The upgrade to a no re-thread harness makes it much easier to quickly adjust the height of the harness as your child grows.  

Extended Height and Deeper Footrest on Toddler Seat:

UPPAbaby is upgrading the toddler seat by increasing the height of the toddler seat from 19 inches to 20 inches.  The footrest is also being extended from 2 inches to 2.5 inches.  Although these upgrades do not change the age or weight limits of the stroller (currently 3 months up to 50 pounds), they will provide a more comfortable ride for children nearing the top of the weight limit.

Wheel & Suspension Updates:

The front wheels on the 2020 Vista V2 Stroller will now feature a visual indicator to easily identify whether the front wheels are in a locked or unlocked position.  When unlocked, the indicator will be green and when locked, the indicator will be clear. While the 2019 Vista Stroller does have locking front wheels, there is not a color-coded way to tell whether the wheels are in a locked or unlocked position.

The tire suspension is also being upgraded on the 2020 Vista V2 Stroller.  While the 2019 Vista Stroller features all-wheel suspension, the 2020 Vista V2 Stroller will have all-wheel suspension with softer springs on both the front and rear wheels.

Sun Canopy:

The Vista V2 features an upgraded sun canopy.  The V2 will have two vented mesh panels (one near the front and one near the back) that will allow for additional airflow and a peek at the little one riding.  In addition, the sun canopy on the V2 will now extend with a zippered fabric canopy, rather than the current Vista model which has a shiny silver fabric that simply tucks up inside the canopy.  Both models will continue to boast 50+ SPF sun protection.


While the size of the basket on the UPPAbaby Vista V2 will be increasing slightly, the real changes worth mentioning are the addition of a side pocket to hold the Toddler Rain Shield (included with the purchase of the Vista V2) and the redesign of the basket to allow easier access from the front of the basket.  In addition, UPPAbaby will now offer an optional basket cover to allow parents to store belongings under cover.

Accessory Updates:

Rumbleseat V2:  

UPPAbaby is making many of the same updates to its Rumbleseat as it will to the Toddler Seat that comes standard with the Vista V2 Stroller.  The Rumbleseat V2 will also feature a 5 point, no re-thread harness that allows you to easily adjust the height of the harness straps as your child grows.  In addition, the Rumbleseat V2 will have an extended footrest.  Finally, UPPAbaby has added yellow coloring on the attachment pieces to draw users' attention towards the attachment pieces and aid in attaching the Rumbleseat V2 to the stroller.  While we expect UPPAbaby to phase out the current Rumbleseat offerings, the Rumbleseat V2 is compatible with all Vista model years 2015 and later.  However, if your older model Vista is in a fabric that is or will be discontinued, you may want to go ahead and purchase the matching Rumbleseat before they are no longer readily available.

Basket Cover

As discussed above, UPPAbaby is unveiling a new basket cover accessory.   This accessory will allow parents to close up the stroller basket.  This is a welcome addition for parents who like to store shopping bags, keep valuables out of plain sight, or want to protect contents from rain, mud, or dust.  

Maxi Cosi / Nuna / Cybex Car Seat Adapter:  

The new version of both the upper and lower Maxi Cosi / Nuna / Cybex car seat adapters is a welcome and much needed upgrade.  While the previous model required the use of the Upper Bracket and the Upper Car Seat Adapter and/or the Lower Bracket and the Lower Car Seat Adapter, the new adapters can be used on their own.  This means that if you intend to use your Maxi Cosi, Nuna, or Cybex Car Seat as a travel system with your UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller, you will only need to purchase the car seat adapter itself rather than using the car seat adapter in conjunction with the upper or lower bracket.  The good news about this change is that the new adapters will be compatible with any Vista or Vista V2 Stroller model year 2015 or later (in addition to the UPPABaby Cruz and Cruz V2 Stroller models).  

Pricing Updates:

Finally, pricing will be adjusted on all V2 models.  Pricing on the five existing fabric choices will increase to $969.99, while the four new fabric choices will be priced at $929.99

  • Bryce, Emmett, Gregory, Jake, and Jordan - $969.99
  • Sierra, Finn, Hazel, and Alice - $929.99

This is a slight increase from prices on the 2019 Vista Stroller.  The 2019 Vista has an entry level price of $899.99 and increases depending on the fabric choice.

Pre-order & Expected Availability

The 2020 UPPAbaby Vista V2 is expected to ship out mid-February 2020.  Order your here.  At that time, we expect the current 2019 Vista models to be phased out.  If you're in the market for the new Vista V2, pre-order yours today!  

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