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Aden + Anais Musy Mate Lovey

Nothing makes a mommy or daddy’s heart smile like the thought of their little one, sound asleep, dreaming contentedly, and clutching their favorite stuffed animal or blanket. This is a vision cherished by parents everywhere, so it’s no secret why stuffed animals and baby blankets are among your baby’s most abundant possessions.

While you might have baby blankets and stuffed animals galore, have you added an Aden and Anais lovey to your collection? If not, we highly recommend adding one because you and your child will be equally obsessed!

What Is an Aden and Anais Lovey?

The Aden and Anais Musy Mate Lovey is a combination of a stuffed animal and a baby blanket. You get the best of both worlds. The stuffed animal head is sewn onto a soft blanket with silky edges, so your child will never leave one behind – they’re a package deal!

Please remember that while a lovey is great for supervised play, consult your pediatrician about the appropriate time to introduce a lovey and, especially, when it’s okay to let your little one sleep with a lovey.

There are 3 different types of Aden Anais lovey for sale on Peppy Parents: classic, organic, and silky soft.

Why should you buy an Aden Anais lovey online from Peppy Parents? Read on to find out!

Why Buy an Aden Anais Lovey Online

First off, Aden + Anais is renowned for their selection of beautiful fabric prints. When you opt to buy an Aden Anais lovey online, you have access to the full array of colors, prints, and animal varieties.

The Aden Anais lovey comes as an elephant, a puppy, or a giraffe, so you aren’t at the mercy of a brick and mortar retail store to have your child’s favorite animal in stock.

Each of the 3 types of Aden Anais lovey has its own special characteristics.

The Aden + Anais Silky Soft Musy Mate Lovey is made of the softest fabric you can think of! Plus, it’s machine washable and lightweight, and the washing machine doesn’t damage the soft fibers of the fabric. It starts soft and stays soft.

The Aden + Anais Silky Soft Musy Mate Lovey is available in: Azure Aqua Elephant, Moonlight Grey Elephant, and Tranquility Rose Puppy.

The Aden + Anais Organic Musy Mate Lovey is made of eco-friendly fabrics, which are woven from GOTS certified organic cotton thread. It is an environmentally and socially responsible choice that is also machine washable and lightweight – two staple characteristics of the whole Aden Anais lovey collection.

The Aden + Anais Organic Musy Mate Lovey is available in: Into the Woods, Wise Guys, and Once Upon a Time prints.

Lastly, the classic Aden + Anais Musy Mate Lovey is super soft, machine washable, and offered in the widest variety of prints. The Aden + Anais Musy Mate Lovey is available in: Jungle Jam Giraffe, Princess Posie Butterflies, For the Birds Owls, Jungle Jam Elephant, and Liam the Brave.

Peppy Parents’ Personal Insights

As with many items, your little one will show a preference to a particular lovely, blanket, etc. Sometimes, it’s not the “lovey” you expect. My son’s lovey of choice is a yellow dog (affectionately named Doggy) who sat on a shelf in his room along with several other stuffed animals. He’s not one we introduced to him - my son picked him up one day and hasn’t put him down since!

A word of advice - when your little one selects his or her lovey of choice, go out and buy a second one while it's still readily available. If you're smart enough to do this, make sure to continually switch out the two loveys so that they wear equally. After two years of going everywhere, Doggy’s yellow fur is turning brown, he no longer has a nose, and his neck is stitched shut with a rather poor patch job. My son would never mistake Doggy #2 for the original.

We don’t have two loveys, but there are many times I wish we did. I’ve tiptoed into his room to extract Doggy from his grip while he slept, washed Doggy on the speed cycle while my son took a bath, and made a Sunday night trip to the store to buy stuffing and thread to sew on a nearly decapitated Doggy head (hence the poor patch job). A second Doggy would have made this much easier!

Aden Anais Lovey For Sale

The Aden Anais lovey is you and your child’s next favorite possession. It is a perfect naptime companion that eliminates the need for both toy and blanket, and we all know the parents of young children could use one less thing to worry about!

You won’t need to stress about grabbing your child’s toy and blanket when you leave the house, and you can trust that your child is snuggling up with a product that’s made of high quality fabric and built to last.
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