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2015 UPPAbaby Bumper Bar Product Update

Despite extensive testing and passing of all global industry and regulatory testing, UPPAbaby received reports of children biting down and tearing off a piece of the new 2015 stroller bumper bar. There have been no injuries reported.

However, since UPPAbaby considers this to be a safety hazard, the company is issuing a Safety Advisory on the bumper bar on the 2015 VISTA stroller, 2015 CRUZ stroller, and 2015 RumbleSeat.

UPPAbaby is instructing consumers to immediately remove and stop using the bumper bar on the 2015 VISTA stroller, 2015 CRUZ stroller, and 2015 RumbleSeat purchased from December 2014 through early June 2015. Consumers who registered their products will automatically receive free bumper bar covers in the mail, which will remedy the issue.

If consumers did not register their products, they should click on this link for a free bumper bar cover. Once the bumper bar cover is received and put onto the bumper bar, consumers can resume use of the bumper bar.

This is not a recall. Recalls can only be announced by government agencies. This is a proactive Product Safety Advisory initiative by UPPAbaby.

For any questions, contact UPPAbaby directly.

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