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UPPAbaby Vista Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the 2015 Vista and 2018 Vista stroller models?

  • 2018 UPPAbaby Vista enhancements
    • Leather handlebar and bumper bar standard on all models
    • Extended bassinet length (2.5" longer than previous year)
    • New canopy and seat fabric
    • Stroller frame is now powder-coated making it less susceptible to scratching
    • Updated front wheels
  • 2015 UPPAbaby Vista enhancements
    • The UPPAbaby Vista stroller is completely redesigned for 2015!
    • Ability to take two bassinets or two UPPAbaby Mesa car seats.
    • The redesigned, better Rumbleseat can face forward or rear.
    • More sturdy frame with aluminum and magnesium for a solid stroller that goes from single to double
    • Larger storage basket
    • Easier folding mechanism
    • Enhanced suspension
  • 2014 UPPAbaby Vista enhancements
    • There were no changes for this model year
    • Extended bassinet length (2.5" longer than previous year)
  • 2013 UPPAbaby Vista enhancements
    • As a rolling change to existing models, the canopy peek-a-boo flap is integrated with a magnetic closure, rather than velcro
  • 2012 UPPAbaby Vista enhancements
    • Jake and Drew come with black colored stroller frames
    • The deeper recline seat position is suitable for newborn when also using the optional SnugSeat.
    • Improved front suspension
    • Bassinet has mesh vented canopy, mesh covered upper mattress to aid ventilation, and vents under the bassinet
    • Redesigned cupholder (sold separately)
  • 2011 UPPAbaby Vista enhancements
    • There were no changes for this model year
  • 2010 UPPAbaby Vista enhancements
    • More upright seating position with new additional position.
    • Height-adjustable sun canopy gives 1.5 more inches of headroom compared to previous Vista models
    • More seat padding for extra comfort.
    • Bassinet now has waterproof latex mattress.
    • One-touch parking brake is much easier to use.
    • Improved wheels for smoother rolling.
    • Bumper bar has removeable, washable cover.
    What about the July 2015 UPPAbaby recall on the Vista stroller, recall on the Cruz stroller, and recalls on the Rumbleseat?

    For 2015, UPPAbaby introduces a new bumper bar made from a dense foam material. It is included in the Vista, Cruz, and Rumbleseat. UPPAbaby received a number of reports of babies chewing on the bumper bar and being able to get bits of foam loose - no injuries were reported. UPPAbaby introduced a voluntary safety recall on this bumper bar. The solution is a stretchy cloth material cover that slips over the cover, so the foam is covered. Any parents who purchased one of these items before June 2015 can contact UPPAbaby for a free bumper bar cover. PeppyParents's inventory on the Vista stroller, Cruz stroller, and Rumbleseat is already updated to included the bumper bar cover; so any new purchases would not be included in the recall.

    How do the upper brackets and lower brackets work on the UPPAbaby Vista?

    Only parents wanting the Vista as a double stroller need to worry about the brackets. The Upper Brackets are for the main stroller seat, a bassinet, or the Mesa car seat. The Lower Brackets are for a bassinet or the Mesa car seat. Purchase of the Rumbleseat includes the lower brackets needed to attach the Rumbleseat to the Vista. When using the Rumbleseat, you'll need the Upper Brackets for the upper position. When you use the lower brackets, you'll always need the upper brackets too.

    Do I have to take the seat off to fold my UPPAbaby Vista stroller?

    No, the UPPAbaby VISTA can be folded WITH the seat still attached. The seat must be front facing and in the number one seat position to fold easily.

    Can the 2018 Vista fold with both seats attached?

    Yes, it is possible to fold the double Vista stroller. Both seats must be forward facing, with the upper seat legrest folded down.

    Does the 2018 Vista Rumbleseat fit older Vista strollers?

    The 2018 UPPAbaby Vista Rumbleseat and other accessories are compatible with UPPAbaby Vista years 2015 - current.  They are not compatible with 2014 or older Vista models.

    Can the 2018 Vista main seat fit on the front of the stroller?

    Only the Rumbleseat will fit in the position over the front wheels. The Rumbleseat cannot fit in the upper position, and the main stroller seat cannot fit in the lower position.

    Can I get the UPPAbaby Vista without the bassinet?

    The bassinet is included with all purchases of a brand-new UPPAbaby Vista. It cannot be separated out from the Vista when purchasing from an authorized dealer.

    Where can I find the Serial Number on my UPPAbaby Vista? 

    Locate the sticker with barcode below the rear axle of the stroller frame on the left. The Serial Number is a 17-digit number. 

  • At what age can I begin to use the UPPAbaby Vista for my child? (What is the age limit or weight capacity for the UPPAbaby Vista?) 

    UPPAbaby Bassinet: The UPPAbaby bassinet is appropriate for an infant from birth to 20 lbs. or until the child is able to lift him or herself up. 

    Toddler Seat: A parent can begin to use the toddler seat from birth as well if they choose to, when adding the optional SnugSeat infant insert. The 2018 UPPAbaby Vista toddler stroller seat is safe for children weighing up to 50lbs. 

    Rumbleseat: the 2018 UPPAbaby Rumbleseat is safe for children 3 months and older, up to 35 pounds. 

    How do I fold the 2018 VISTA stroller?

    In 2015, UPPAbaby has changed the folding mechanism on the Vista stroller to be much easier! To fold a 2015 - Current Vista, there is a finger pull trigger on each side of the handle. Pulling on those triggers at the same time will unlock the stroller frame to collapse in one super-easy motion. WARNING: Children and adults should be clear of moving parts while making stroller adjustments. Damage to fingers or extremities may occur when opening or closing the stroller frame. Please consult your VISTA Manual for detailed instructions. 

    What are the recline angles for the seat positions on the 2018 Vista?

    2012-2018: 5 recline positions from upright to full recline (in 12-degree increments)
    2010-11: 4 recline positions (15-30-45-60 degrees)
    2009: 3 recline positions (30-45-60 degrees)

    How do I adjust the harness straps on my VISTA?

    To adjust the harness straps on the seat you must remove the rectangular velcro cover on each strap. Under the cover there is a square metal clip with a break at the top. Move the strap fabric to the side to see the break. Slide the clip out and move the straps to the desired level. 

    Where can I buy the UPPAbaby Vista on sale?

    Authorized Dealers have agreements with UPPAbaby not to discount or advertise coupons for the Vista stroller unless approved by UPPAbaby. You would have to contact an UPPAbaby dealer directly to ask if a better price is available.

    Can my child face both directions in his/her VISTA?

    Yes! The VISTA seat can be front or rear facing and easily snaps in and out for quick, convenient conversion.

    What makes the UPPAbaby VISTA wheels so special?

    UPPAbaby borrows from the latest in high-performance athletic shoe technology to create all terrain wheels that never go flat! Rubber-coated, AirGo foam tires create a unique system that replaces pressurized air with foam to prevent punctures and untimely flats. Now there's no need to carry a pump and you and your stroller will always be ready to go!

    Can the UPPAbaby VISTA be used for a jogging stroller?

    The UPPAbaby Vista is a great stroller for getting outdoor exercise on outdoor strolls or powerwalks, but it is not designed to be used for running or jogging. You'd need a true jogging stroller if you want to run.

    What comes with the UPPAbaby Vista?

    The UPPAbaby Vista comes with the stroller, bassinet, underseat storage basket, bumper bar, seat rain shield, bassinet bug shield, and seat bug shield. Other accessories are optional, like the snack tray, cupholder, parent organizer, and Rumbleseat.

    How do I set up my bassinet?

    When you first open your bassinet, you must go underneath the fabric lining and pull the metal bars into the black plastic snaps to lock it into place. The bassinet is self-standing and can be used as a primary sleeper. When the baby is in the bassinet it should be kept on a flat surface, or used with our bassinet stand or stroller frame.

    Is the UPPAbaby Vista a good travel system?

    The UPPAbaby Vista makes a wonderful travel system baby stroller with car seat attached. It can be used with the Graco, Maxi Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, Chicco, and UPPAbaby car seats.

    What is the TravelSafe Program?

    The TravelSafe Program guarantees your stroller during air travel in the TravelBag. With the UPPAbaby TravelSafe Program, you can now gate check your stroller without worry. By simply registering this TravelBag online, any damage caused to your stroller during air travel is fully covered by UPPAbaby. This program if only offered with the new TravelBag. Program benefits are contingent upon your stroller being under its original 2 year warranty.

    What infant car seat adapters are available for the 2018 VISTA?

    The VISTA car seat adapters are for Chicco (Keyfit and Keyfit 30), Maxi-Cosi (Mico, Mico AP), Nuna Pipa, and Cybex Aton car seats.  The UPPAbaby Mesa fits easily on the UPPAbaby Vista, without need for an adapter.  The Vista can accommodate two infant car seats, but only if they are UPPAbaby Mesa, Maxi Cosi, or Nuna Pipa seats.

    Does the VISTA come with a cup holder?

    No, the original VISTA Cup Holder is a separate accessory that will fit on all VISTAs with a manufacture date of September 2008 through March 2014. A new UPPAbaby cupholder is available for Vista model years 2015 - current.

    What are the fabrics used on the VISTA?

    1680 Polyester and 600D Nylon fabrics are used for the VISTA toddler seat and bassinet. The bassinet is lined with an all-natural blend of cotton and soybean fiber.

    What are the VISTA weights and dimensions?

    2018 VISTA Dimensions:

    Unfolded: 36”L x 25.7”W x 39.5”H (length from back of rear tire to front of front tire). 
    Folded with seat attached: 17.3”L x 25.7”W x 33”H
    Folded without seat attached: 16.8”L x 25.7”W x 33”H

    Bassinet dimensions:

    30.2" l x 16.6"w x 24.7"h
    Maximum child length: 25" (63cm)
    Maximum child weight: 20lbs (9kg)
    Handlebar width: 18" across

    What is the size of the 2018 UPPAbaby VISTA box? 22"w x 18"h x 32.75"l

    2018 VISTA Weight [includes canopy, basket, and wheels):
    Frame + Seat: 26.6 pounds
    Frame Only: 19.3 pounds
    Seat: 7.3 pounds
    Rumbleseat: 6 pounds
    Bassinet: 8.8 pounds




  • Rumbleseat (lower bracket included)  / Upper Bracket
  • Mesa car seat (2) / Upper Bracket / Lower Bracket
  • Mesa car seat / Upper Bracket / Rumbleseat (lower bracket included)
  • Additional Bassinet / Upper Bracket / Lower Bracket

Review of the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista as a double stroller

We received the following very thoughtful review of the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista that we think could be extremely helpful for parents considering this stroller:

Hello! I will be reviewing the brand new 2015 model of the Uppababy Vista Convertible Stroller. It seems that I am one of the first people to own and use this product, and I have been beyond pleased with our purchase thus so far. For starters, I am an (almost) 3x mommy living in a fairly urban area, with my husband and children. I have two fun-loving, bright little boys. My oldest is 7yrs and my current youngest is just about 8mos. We are also 6mos pregnant with our third (sex unknown! Team Green!!) and due in March '15! This was my first "convertible" stroller, and is meant to be used as a single with the main seat or the car seat adaptor, until our new little one arrives. At that point, we will try out the icluded bassinet. I've only used Graco travel systems in the past, so the idea of a single to double, high-end stroller that can be manipulated into various positions was new to me. I live in the French Quarter of New Orleans, so our sidewalks & doorways are old and narrow. While I would say this stroller has a wider wheel base than most, I wouldn't say its a deal breaker. Sure it can be difficult for my 4'10" pregnant self to wrangle the frame and easily detached seat into the back of our SUV, but If it can be utilized effectively in my car & neighborhood, I highly suspect the vast majority of people could use it comfortably as well. 

One negative (but again, not a deal breaker) was the fact that so many of the main accessories (parent tray, snack tray, structured cup holder, etc.) needed to be purchased separately; however, I can also see how this is in keeping with Uppababy's minimalist design. As I noted before, this was my first convertible stroller, so upon arrival it became obvious that I wasn't totally aware of how the whole car seat adaptor + bracket system worked. I thought the adaptor was kept on the stroller along with the main seat, but that's not the case. It's one or the other, UNLESS you purchase the extra lower brackets. I had purchased the upper brackets to create more space for when I convert to a double, but now I know, you can only switch between the car seat adapter, bassinet, ore main seat in the top position and then the main seat cannot be used in the lower position at all.

To go along with the one negative should be one big positive and for us, that would be the addition of stadium style seating (when converted to a double) which represents a change in the Uppababy Vista design from the previous models of years past. This was a must have feature for me and prior to my discovery of this on the Uppababy vista 2015, I was set on purchasing the Baby Jogger City Select convertible, I'm really glad I did more research though and discovered that this one encompasses both the lightness of other convertibles, but the stadium seating of the City Select. Based on our personal needs, I definitely made the right choice out of the two!!

Overall, my husband and I are happy with our purchase and feel it was well worth the price and the wait for the 2015 version. I LOVE the new easy closing mechanism, since I couldn't get the old version to work in the store if my life depended on it. My 7mo seems very comfortable, esp when we use the mutiple recline positions and I look forward to using the bassinet when our newest little arrives in March '15. The steering is excellent and popping curbs is a breeze, at least as a single. The HUGE basket is a lifesaver and I'd highly recommend purchasing the additional parent organizer and cup holder. I appreciate Uppababy's dedication to making such a high quality product, as I can confidently say I am one of their many happy customers. Thank you for reading my novel of a review. By French Quarter Momma of 3 from New Orleans, La.

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