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Strolling with the Family: Part One

One of the questions we are asked all the time is what stroller we recommend. While I really think it depends on each family’s situation, I wanted to talk about the strollers we have, what we like and don’t like about them, and our thought process for choosing them.

Our main stroller is a 2015 UPPAbaby Vista in Jake. When I found out we were expecting our first son, I immediately started the research process. I am subject to a little—or a lot—of analysis paralysis, so if there are any of you out there who suffer similarly, I can relate. This just means I carefully considered each option, then thoroughly researched the heck out of strollers before I made my decision.

Let me walk you through the first questions I considered:

  • Do I want a jogging stroller or a regular stroller?
  • Do I want a single stroller or a stroller that converts to a double?

Because we are an active family who wanted more than one child, I decided that I wanted a single jogging stroller that converts to a double stroller. It did not take me long to realize that this type of stroller isn’t readily available. Back to the drawing board.

First, I considered jogging strollers. When I was dreaming about what life would be like with a new baby, I envisioned myself taking my son for a run in the stroller to enjoy the fresh air and to try and get that pre-baby body back. After some research, I realized a few things about my situation. First, my doctor restricts physical activity for six weeks after baby is born. Second, most jogging strollers aren’t recommended for infants until they are 3 months old.

I live in Ohio and have a July baby.

Once I did the math, I realized that an investment in a jogging stroller would be unnecessary until at least the following spring. I decided to keep my eyes out for a second-hand jogger and focus on a convertible stroller.

During my research on convertible strollers, two models kept coming up—the UPPAbaby Vista and the Baby Jogger City Select. There are many articles comparing the Vista and the City Select and I poured over all the information I could find. I think both are excellent options, but we ultimately decided on the Vista for several reasons:

Travel System Compatible

I wanted a stroller that could accommodate an infant car seat. I also wanted either the UPPAbaby Mesa or Maxi Cosi infant car seat and the UPPAbaby Vista accommodates either choice.

Convertible to Double Stroller.

We wanted the flexibility that a convertible stroller offers. It has been great as a single stroller, but we knew we wanted more children and didn’t want to have to buy a second stroller. While the Vista is an investment, the purchase of a single stroller and then a double stroller would have cost us at least as much as buying the Vista, so for us, the purchase made sense financially.


It was a close call between the Baby Jogger City Select and UPPAbaby Vista. Ultimately, what swayed my decision was the length of the Vista, as it was shorter than the City Select, and I didn’t want to feel like I was pushing a school bus.

UPPAbaby’s Reputation

I love to support American companies, especially those that are experts in its product and truly understand and care about its customers. Many websites and posts I read commented on this and it made a difference to me when making such a large investment.

Nice Surprises

  • The basket is huge
    • You’ll be hard-pressed to find another stroller on the market with a storage basket as large as the Vista’s. I knew it was big, but I didn’t realize that it would double as a luggage rack and shopping cart on a regular basis. None of this strapping my diaper bag to the stroller handle—I always have more than enough room in the basket for everything I need.
  • The travel system is like a “snap-and-go” without an extra purchase
    • One of the ways in which the Vista differentiates itself from other travel systems on the market is that the infant car seats clip directly into the stroller frame without requiring the stroller seat.
    • For the first several months of my son’s life, I toted around the frame itself and snapped the Mesa car seat directly into it.
  • We found ourselves frequently using the included
    • I ended up purchasing the UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand and we used it in our bedroom when our son was an infant.
    • We also clipped the bassinet into the stroller and walked him until he fell asleep. I loved that we could carry the bassinet with sleeping baby inside and place it on the stand.

What I would change:

  • The Parent Pack
    • When I purchased the stroller, I also purchased the Parent Organizer. It has a cupholder and small slot for a phone, credit card, or keys. The cupholder isn’t great, especially for full drinks which tend to spill out when the stroller hits the slightest bump.
    • I am happy to report that UPPAbaby came out with the Parent Organizer II which is MUCH better. There are two cupholders with more depth, and the storage pocket is larger.
  • Opening/Closing the Stroller.
    • This requires someone who knows how the stroller is supposed to fold and the use of two hands.
    • I can remember a call from my mother-in-law telling me that she couldn’t figure out how to fold the stroller. In a panic, she somehow managed to put the entire unfolded stroller in her car—a feat within itself. Other strollers are easier to close. For example, there is a handle on the Baby Jogger City series that actually says, “pull to close.” If you pull the handle, the stroller closes. Simple.
    • You have to pull two levers simultaneously to close the stroller, requiring the use of two hands. If there is any way UPPAbaby could figure out how to eliminate the need for both hands, that would be great.
  • Folded Stroller is Bulky
    • The folded stroller is a little bulky, particularly when folded with the toddler seat. Again, I knew this going into the purchase, but a girl can dream, right?

Overall, our experience with the Vista has been excellent. Though I couldn’t have said for sure, we are a family who really uses our stroller. It has held up to daily use and abuse and is still in excellent condition. It is perfect for walks to the park, trips to the zoo, airport travel, and trips to the store. My son naps comfortably in it due to the reclining seat and extra-large sun-shade, but the seat sits high enough that he can see what’s going on in the world when he’s awake.

While we will use the Vista as a double stroller in November, I would wholeheartedly recommend it as a single stroller and would purchase it as a single stroller again.

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