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What We Know Right Now: UPPAbaby Vista 2018 Strollers

Over here at Peppy Parents, we recently got our hands on some very exciting information! We got a bit of a sneak peek at what UPPAbaby strollers 2018 product line will include.

For us, this is like a hotly anticipated new season of our favorite series or Christmas coming early. Every year, we are so eager to see how the best baby gear designers up the ante and deliver products that are even more stylish, functional, safe, and innovative than ever before.

While we’ve only heard snippets about the ways in which the 2018 UPPAbaby Vista strollers and car seats will differ from the years past, we are thrilled to pass what little information we have along to you.

More details should be revealed at the ABC Kids Show in October, but for now, without further ado, here is what we know right now…

2018 UPPAbaby Minu Stroller

The defining feature of the 2018 UPPAbaby Minu Stroller is what they’re calling the “one-hand action fold.” Basically, the stroller can be folded into a compact, easy-to-carry package with the use of only one hand. The idea here is that you can have baby on your hip and still wrestle the stroller into the back of the car or onto the subway or even up the stairs!

The stroller is described as lightweight and ideal for outings.

With adapters, the UPPAbaby Minu 2018 is compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat. It can also be made infant compatible with a From Birth Kit.

There will be four color variations: black, charcoal, red, and teal.

UPPAbaby Vista 2018 Stroller

A bit heavier duty than the 2018 UPPAbaby Minu, the UPPAbaby Vista 2018 is made to grow with your family! It has the potential to be reconfigured so that your whole family can fit – even up to 3 children with the right accessories!

The UPPAbaby Vista 2018 version of this best-selling stroller boasts a redesigned front wheel, an extended bassinet, and 100% premium leather trim.

The 2018 UPPAbaby Vista is available in a multitude of different color variations, including: black, red, indigo, charcoal, green, blue, blue marl, white, and even orchid! Ooh la la!

2018 UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

The 2018 UPPAbaby Cruz is already a beautifully designed stroller that is loved by many, and UPPAbaby hasn’t published much information on what will be different about the 2018 UPPAbaby Cruz stroller versus the 2017 model.

However, we do know that 2018 UPPAbaby Cruz stroller will include 100% premium leather trim and a variety of color choices, such as: black, red, indigo, charcoal, green, blue, white, and that orchid shade we’re dying to see unveiled!

2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

On the other hand, it sounds like UPPAbaby did an overhaul on the 2018 G-Luxe stroller design! Apparently, it will feature a more robust frame, a bigger canopy for better sun coverage and a UPF 50+ sunshade, expandable stroller basket that’s easier to access, and single wheels for improved maneuverability.

The color variations for this full-size umbrella stroller include: black, charcoal, and denim. Very chic.

2018 UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller

As you can probably imagine, the G-Lite is meant to be a lighter duty version of the G-Luxe. Both are full-size umbrella strollers, which is their defining feature.

The UPPAbaby G-Lite 2018 has a mesh sling seat that is comfortable for baby and contributes very little weight to the whole apparatus. It also has a new zipper recline feature, a multi-paneled canopy with a UPF 50+ sunshade, a bigger basket with a 10-pound weight limit, and it comes in any color you could want – so long as it’s black!

2018 UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat

We are thrilled to announce that a new naturally flame retardant color variation is available for the UPPAbaby Mesa 2018! This year, the only color option that was manufactured without the addition of chlorinated and brominated chemicals was Henry (blue marl), but now it’s also available in charcoal (Jordan)!

Aside from this exciting new color choice for those who are weary of chemically treated fabrics, we don’t know much about the 2018 UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat’s features.

Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned for more information on the UPPAbaby Vista 2018 product line, as we will be keeping you in the loop as more is divulged about next year’s hotly anticipated offerings.
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