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UPPAbaby G-Link vs. G-Link2 Stroller

Parents love the G-Link stroller, the double stroller version of UPPAbaby’s G-Luxe stroller, for several reasons:

  • Two-step umbrella fold
  • One-hand adjustable seat recline
  • Large sunshade with peek-a-boo window
  • Each seat functions independently – recline function, sunshade, footrest, etc.

Several accessories are available for the G-Link (and compatible with the G-Link2), including:

At the 2018 ABC Kid’s Expo, UPPAbaby revealed the new G-Link2, an update of its current side-by-side double stroller, the G-Link.

Here is the current G-Link (shown in Pascal):

UPPAbaby G-Link Double Stroller

And here is the G-Link2 (shown here in Jordan):

UPPAbaby G-Link2 Double Stroller

Deciding between the G-Link or waiting for the newer G-Link2? Let’s talk about the differences:

Dimensions: The current G-Link is 30 inches wide, while the G-Link2 is expected to be slightly narrower at 28.5 inches wide. It is also lighter than the current G-Link model (24.5 lbs vs. 22 lbs).

Basket: While the 10 pound weight capacity on the cargo basket remains the same, the basket on the G-Link2 is slightly larger than the current model. 

Color Options: The G-Link is available in Jake (Black) and Pascal (Light Grey).  The G-Link2 will be also be available in Jake (Black), but UPPAbaby will replace the Pascal (Light Grey) color with Jordan (Charcoal Grey). 

Price: The current G-Link model is priced at $399.99 for the Pascal and $429.99 for the Jake. The new model will be priced slightly lower at $379.99.

Specifications: The G-Link is suitable for two children from birth until each child weighs 55 lbs. The new G-Link2 is also suitable for two children, but from three months of age until each child weighs 50 lbs. 

Overall, the G-Link and G-Link2 are similar in many respects. If you are not looking to use the stroller until your children are at least three months of age and do not anticipate usage beyond 50 pounds, the G-Link2 is a narrower, lighter stroller that costs slightly less than its predecessor. If the use from birth and from 50 – 55 lbs is crucial or you are in need of a double stroller now, the G-Link is a really great choice for families.

Peppy Parents brings the best baby gear straight to your front door from our home base in Central Ohio. The G-Link is in stock and ready to ship. The G-Link2 will be released in the Spring of 2019 – contact us to preorder yours now. No matter how you shop with us you will always know you’re choosing the best for your growing family.
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