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Baby Jogger City Select Stroller: Frequently Asked Questions

City Select Double Stroller FAQs -

The Baby Jogger City Select stroller is a versatile favorite for growing families. Our team of parents love this stroller for its durability and easy add-ons and we know you will too.

The City Select works as a full travel system, single pram, double stroller, or traditional single stroller. For many families, it's the only stroller you will ever need.

We know many parents have questions before they buy a stroller. We've worked to answer as many of your questions as we can here. If you don't see your question here, contact us via phone or email.

Answers to your Baby Jogger City Select Questions


What are the City Select seat positions?

There are more than 16 ways to configure the City Select stroller. Baby Jogger has thought of many different family makeups in designing it. For 2016, the City Select configures in the following ways:

  • Single stroller with toddler seat in front or rear position,
Baby Jogger City Select Rear Facing
City Select Forward Facing

City Select Rear Facing with Infant Car Seat

  • Single pram in front or rear facing position,
Baby Jogger City Select Forward Facing Bassinet
City Select Pram with Second Seat -

  • Bassinet in top position and rear-facing toddler seat below,
City Select Rear Facing Bassinet and Seat -

  • Two bassinets (perfect for twins),
City Select Two Bassinet with Strollers -

  • Infant car seat in top position and front-facing toddler seat facing out or parent below,
City Select Configurations -
City Select Infant Seat and Toddler Seat -

  • Toddler seat facing parent and infant car seat behind it,
City Select Infant Car Seat Configurations -

  • Toddler seat in top position facing out and infant seat behind,
City Select Stroller Configuration -

  • Two infant seats facing parent,
City Select Stroller with Two Car Seats -

  • Two toddler seats facing parent,
City Select Double Rear Facing Seats -

  • Two toddler seats facing each other,
City Select Two Toddler Seats Facing Each Other

  • Two toddler seats facing forward,
City Select with Two Toddler Seats -

  • Two toddler seats facing opposite each other,
City Select Toddler Seats Facing Opposite -

Each configuration has its own unique benefits. Choose which one works right for your family today, because it's easy to change it up tomorrow!



How old does my child have to be to ride in the City Select Second Seat?

The youngest age for the stroller seat and Second Seat Kit is 6 months. Each seat has a maximum carry weight of 45 pounds. The greatest headroom from seat bottom to the canopy top is 24 inches. In general, this sizing works for children until around age three and a half.



How big is the City Select when folded for storage?

When the City Select folds with one seat, the size is 28 x 25 x 13 inches. That will fit into compact car trunks, such as Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Elantra.



Can the City Select fold with both seats attached?

Yes! When both seats are in the forward facing position, the stroller will fold for storage.



How does the City Select compare to other Baby Jogger strollers?

The City Select is Baby Jogger's only double tandem stroller. Other Baby Jogger strollers are great, but lack the many different configurations.



Can my baby face me with the City Select?

Yes! The bassinet, a car seat, or stroller seat all have a parent facing option.


Can you explain the changes in the City Select from 2010 to 2016?

  • The original version of the City Select debuted in 2010.
  • For 2011, improved wheels and seat enhancements joined a hand-controlled brake.
  • There were no changes made in 2012 and 2013.
  • Two new colors debuted in 2014 and the safety harness was reconfigured for easier use.
  • The 2015 City Select stroller has no changes.
  • 2016 brought new regulatory standards.  The stroller underwent slight dimensional changes, including a longer handlebar.  In addition, the folding mechanism and fabric were updated.



Can you use City Select accessories with any model year stroller?

All City Select stroller accessories from 2010-2015 are compatible with strollers from 2010-2015. For 2016, some accessories no longer work with the older model strollers. All adapters, the cupholder and footmuff have been updated.  



Are there different versions of the City Select?

In 2013, Baby Jogger released a Limited Edition of the City Select stroller.  Otherwise, all versions are updates to improve the original model.



Can I run or jog with the City Select?

The City Select is not suitable for jogging or running.

We understand that confusion may come from the manufacturer's name. The company name comes from its first stroller ever made - a jogging stroller. In 2008, Baby Jogger started making lots of models for everyday life. The City Select can handle power walking, but is not safe for running.

Baby Jogger does make a popular jogging stroller. Check out the Summit X3 for running and jogging.



What comes with the stroller?

The stroller comes with one seat, sun canopy, stroller frame, wheels, and under basket.



What does the City Select weigh?

As a single, the City Select weighs 28 pounds. With the Second Seat Kit, the entire stroller is 34 pounds.



Does the City Select work for a newborn?

No. The stroller seat rating is for six months and above. Infants should stroll in the optional bassinet or with an infant car seat attached to the stroller.



What is the most popular City Select color?

In 2015, the two most popular colors were teal and onyx.



What if anything goes wrong with the stroller? Who handles it?

Baby Jogger has exceptional customer service and quickly resolves warranty claims. Baby Jogger's warranty is only valid if you buy from an authorized dealer (which we are). You can learn more about warranty claims on Baby Jogger strollers on our warranty page.



Which pieces do I need to use two car seats with my city select?

You will need to order two infant car seat adapters. Also, for any use with two children on the stroller, you will need the front position brackets. These front brackets come with the Second Seat Kit. The front brackets are also sold separately if you don't need the Second Seat.



How big is the City Select box?

The City Select stroller comes in a box measuring 28 x 22 x 10 inches and weighs 34 pounds.



Does the Second Seat Kit always include the front brackets?

When you buy from an authorized Baby Jogger dealer, the Second Seat Kit will ALWAYS include the front position brackets for the stroller. If you buy the City Select stroller and the Second Seat Kit, that is all you need to make a basic double stroller.



Has this Baby Jogger stroller ever been recalled?

No. The City Select stroller has never had a recall.



How does the City Select bassinet work? How does it work for twins?

The City Select has a soft-sided bassinet kit as an optional accessory. The bassinet kit includes a fabric bassinet shell, mattress, support bars, and apron that covers the top opening.

The bassinet kit snaps onto the metal frame of the stroller seat. To use, unsnap the seat fabric from the metal frame. Then, snap on the bassinet fabric kit. The City Select Bassinet Kit uses the sun canopy that comes with the stroller seat.

Since the bassinet uses the stroller seat frame, you will need a seat for each bassinet you wish to use. For example, if you have twins, you will need to buy the stroller, second seat, and two bassinet kits.


Where can I stay up-to-date on Baby Jogger sales, promotions, and new products?

We will keep you updated on our email list. Fill out this form to receive $10 off your first purchase and be the first to know when Baby Jogger has a sale or new product:



Where can I buy my City Select?

You can buy the Baby Jogger City Select and all your accessories right here at

Baby Jogger City Select


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