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Safety & Features of UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller 2018

Your baby’s safety is always on your mind. It’s important that they are well-fed, well-clothed, happy, and unharmed. When you buy baby products like cribs, high chairs, or UPPAbaby Cruz strollers, you’re putting trust in said product and brand that when you use it, your child’s safety is uncompromised.

No parent ever wants their child to be hurt while using a product meant to make your life and mobility more convenient. In the case of strollers, safety is even more important. Parents have to trust that while they’re out with their children, the stroller will not break, pinch fingers, or the child will not fall out of their seat.

The 2018 UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller has the necessary safety features to keep children safe and give mom and dad peace of mind when taking their baby out and about.

The Basics

The first thing to be said about UPPAbaby’s Cruz Stroller 2018 is the pop-out UPF protection sunshade. The sunshade extends out to shield the child from harmful UV rays and prevents potentially uncomfortable sunburns. It’s UPF 50+ rating gives your child the best protection available, allowing baby to stay outside and enjoy the sunshine without fear of harm.

Much like the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller combined with the VISTA RumbleSeat, the 2018 UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller has forward- and backward-facing compatibility and can fully recline or be positioned fully upright. The locking mechanisms on the side tightly secure the seat to the stroller, ensuring your child’s safety as you take the family for a walk in the park. There’s no need to work about your baby accidentally unlocking the clips or falling out of the seat while you’re out and about.

Reinventing the Wheel

A stroller feature that is commonly overlooked is the wheels. Some stroller manufacturers will produce foam-filled wheels to shave a few pounds off the weight of the stroller and make it easier to push, while other companies will use air-filled tires.

UPPAbaby combines the best of both worlds in the 2018 Cruz stroller. They designed the UPPAbaby 2018 Cruz Stroller with foam-filled tires in front to prevent popping tires, and air-filled tires in the back for better control over various terrain. Parents no longer need to worry about getting a flat while using the stroller or not being able to navigate uneven terrain, such as beaches or grass.

Form & Versatility

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller 2018 can pair with the Mesa Infant Car Seat and Bassinet to create a functional and reliable travel system.

With the right adapters and accessories, parents can outfit their 2018 UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller for a variety of situations. From infancy, the Bassinet can be locked into the Cruz for easy naptime-to-stroll convenience, and the Mesa Infant Car Seat will be used for car-to-stroller transfers. Mom and dad can easily transfer children from the car or home to the stroller without having to unbuckle or disturb the baby.

For all of your stroller needs, turn to PeppyParents for a wide selection of accessories and travel systems. Every order ships within one business day and shipping is free for orders over $49, so you can begin safely buckling your baby into an UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller as soon as possible.
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