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UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat 2017 For Sale

Why You Need an UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat 2017

When you are shopping for baby gear in preparation for your family’s new arrival, you always do your best to shop smart, right? You think about where your family is now, and where it might be going, and you try to make decisions based on how you see your family evolving over the coming years. 

Well, try as we might to plan for the future, crystal balls don’t exist and sometimes our lives take unexpected turns! 

Maybe you only thought you’d have one child in a stroller at a time, but then an unexpected bundle of joy comes along and now you have two children requiring seats in a stroller simultaneously. 

At this point, you have a few options: purchase a second single stroller, try to sell your single stroller and buy a double, or play your cards right and convert your single into a double for a fraction of the cost! 

Naturally, the option of converting your single stroller into a double for a fraction of the cost is the most appealing, but how do you pull this off? 

Well, if you are the proud owner of an UPPAbaby Vista stroller (and so many of us are!), then you simply must educate yourself on the UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat 2017

The UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat is an accessory that converts the UPPAbaby Vista stroller from a single to a double, and you can find the UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat for sale for just $189.99 on the Peppy Parents website!


UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat 2017 

This handy dandy single to double stroller converter is compatible with UPPAbaby Vista stroller models 2015-present. 

It can be paired with the Vista Toddler Seat, Bassinet, or Infant Car Seat to achieve this conversion. Got a third child along for the ride? You can even convert your UPPAbaby Vista to a triple with the use of the Vista Piggyback

The RumbleSeat comes in seven color variations: Austin (dark green), Loic (white), Jake (black), Taylor (navy blue), Pascal (gray), Henry (blue marl), and Dennison (burgundy). No matter what color your UPPAbaby Vista stroller is, you can find a RumbleSeat to match. 

The RumbleSeat has the capacity to be forward facing or rearward facing. It also reclines, so you can position your child in a way that’s most comfortable for them.

The seat has a 5-point safety harness with 3 height adjustments, ensuring your child is secure at all times. 

Additionally, the RumbleSeat features a removable canopy with UPF 50+ to guarantee that your child is protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat 2017 Quick Specs

RumbleSeat Height: 30.5 inches

RumbleSeat Weight: 6 pounds

Seat Height: 17-20 inches (depending on canopy position)

Seat Width: 12 inches

Seat Depth: 8.5 inches

Maximum Child Height: 36 inches

Maximum Child Weight: 35 pounds

Minimum Child Age: 3 months 


UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat 2017 For Sale

 The UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat 2017 is for sale now on the Peppy Parents website!

Stay tuned for the release of next year’s model in February 2018!

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