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BabyArt Baby Handprint / Footprint Impression Magnet -
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At-A-Glance Features

The BabyArt Baby Handprint Magnet is a great keepsake for new moms. Quick glance features:


A Simple Way to Display Little Memories

With the BabyArt Baby Handprint/Footprint Impression Magnet, you can turn a sweet mold of your baby’s hand or foot into a uniquely beautiful magnet for your refrigerator, magnetic bulletin board, filing cabinet, or any magnetic surface. It is simple, easy, and everything you need is included.


BabyArt Baby Handprint/Footprint Impression Magnet Features

  • Simple to use
  • Easy clean up
  • Everything you need included
  • Nontoxic
  • Trial and error friendly


Simple to use

In just a few minutes you can create an adorable magnet that will freeze and display a precious moment in time. The Impression Magnet has simple instructions and, not including drying time, will only take you a total of 15-20 minutes to create.


Easy clean up

Clean up is a breeze with this product. There is no mixing, powders, or liquids to deal with. The mold is premade and cleans up easily. It will not stick to you or your baby’s skin.


Everything you need included

No extra tools needed! You kit will include everything you need to create the perfect keepsake.



The contents are safe and nontoxic for your baby’s sensitive skin.


Trial and error friendly

You don’t have to get it right the first time -- wiggle worms are happily accommodated with this product. it is easy to start over if needed.

Specifications for the BabyArt Baby Framed Handprint Impression

Included:  Clay imprint kit and magnet
 Material:  Various
 Hanging: Magnetic

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