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Learn About Double Strollers

When it comes to picking a double stroller, parents should think about two major ideas first:

First, do they really need a true double stroller? Moms and dads who have twins will definitely need a double that can go from newborn to preschool. That means an option for two bassinets and/or car seats; as well as full-sized seats. This is because the children will be at the same stage and size at the same time. But parents who are shopping for a second (or third or fourth or more) child, there may be more flexibility to get a convertible single/double stroller since the children will be different sizes.

Second, and this is the more difficult consideration, is how a mom's daily lifestyle will include a stroller. A mom who walks everywhere out of the front door may have different twin stroller needs than the mom who is in and out of the car many times a day. Or, parents who have plenty of garage space or closet space may have more options than the parents who live in tight quarters with limited storage for a stroller. Finally, a mom who practically lives in the mall doesn't need the same type of all-terrain double stroller that a more active, outdoorsy parent would want.


Umbrella double stroller
An umbrella-style double is the smallest and lightest type of twin stroller. Generally, it also has the smallest seats and least features. The double umbrella stroller is made for indoor use, errands, and travel, since it has smaller wheels that need smooth surfaces. The UPPAbaby G-Link is an excellent choice.

Jogging / all-terrain stroller
A double jogging stroller is durable, easy to maneuver, and a dream to push. However, it may not fit in your hallway closet or the smallest of car trunks. We love the Bumbleride Indie Twin as a great all-around all-terrain double or the BOB Revolution Duallie as a great double jogging stroller.

The side-by-side stroller models usually steer better than the front-to-back models and both children have an unobstructed view. The downside is that side-by-side twin strollers are wide; which can make it tough getting through doorways and down store aisles. The biggest ones may be difficult to stow when folded as well.

Inline / Tandem
Inline (also called tandem) strollers might be more difficult to steer and maneuver because of the longer wheelbase between front and rear wheels; and that one child's weight often sits right above the front steering wheels. The great benefit is that they are usually the same width as a single-seat stroller, so getting through doors or store aisles is a breeze.

Convertible double strollers are a relatively new type of stroller that converts from a single to a double. The best of them - like the UPPAbaby Vista or Baby Jogger City Select - can function admirably as a single OR double stroller.

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